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One of the hardest challenges we face as entrepreneurs is staying on top of everything. You have to answer emails, make sure your website works perfectly, organise projects, keep in touch with your network, and avoid getting distracted by social media, useless videos and tools that only make you less productive. The internet does not just enable stalling. It also offers solutions to the problems to busy entrepreneurs. 

There are an abundance of tools and services that were created to help you organise your life and business, so you can focus on doing work that matters. These resources were made by people who know what it’s like to have a to do list that never seems to end. Many of them can be used for free, so there’s no reason or cause not to give them a try.

Here are 20 online tools which can turn your weakness into strengths. These are some best and essential online tools every entrepreneur should know about.




It is a free project management tool that helps you get organised. It displays a board on which you can make lists filled with cards. When you open a card, you can add comments, upload files, make checklists, and more things. It is super versatile, so it can be used for many different types of things: to organise a specific project, write an eBook, create an email course, etc. It really helps you to retain a bird’s-eye view on every project. – ONLINE TOOLS


It is an essential tool for working on a file with multiple people. Everyone can add or detach text, proofread content, and give comments for others to glimpse. You can also check who else is working on the document and chat with them, so it’s a great tool for teams or groups. It’s also a great help for people who get confused when they have several versions of work in progress. – ONLINE TOOLS


It is the ultimate tool for managing your projects more effectively. It works with tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards. Teamwork has never been easier. You can turn conversations into workable and useful tasks, provide comments on other people’s actions, and immediately see or check what progress has been made – all without having to schedule meetings. – ONLINE TOOLS


It is great for storage and backups. It has a big amount of awesome plugin apps to improvise your experience. Moreover, it dispenses apps for every device, which means you can import or access your files from anywhere. – ONLINE TOOLS


It is an amazing text app and a great communication tool for teams and mastermind groups. Its polished design is by far the nicest you’ll come across. Even though it’s relatively up to date, it is already very popular. You can make several channels to discuss different and unique topics, or you can have a private conversation. Slack also allows you to allocate files and to easily discover messages, notifications, and files in your archive. Everything is automatically synchronized on all your devices, and you can simply connect it to other apps, like WordPress or Skype. 


It is an online note-taking application, which has the same set-up as Google Keep and One Note offered by Microsoft. However, the free modern tools of Evernote put it 1 step ahead in the game. It lets you save notes in any format and share them with anybody you want. Later, you can easily access your data from any device because it’s retained on the cloud. – ONLINE TOOLS


Tired of posting your content on different social media platforms on a daily basis? Then use the buffer today. Social media marketing is a great way to engage an audience and elevate your business. But it’s hard to keep a strong presence on different social media platforms without investing a lot of time.even so, with Buffer, you can create a schedule for your social media content. 

Buffer allows you to manage multiple social media accounts e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can programme posts, make campaigns, and do analysis of posts using one dashboard. With the help of this networked tool you can attract more individuals and grow your followers. Basic plan of Buffer is free, which has some curb. To enjoy full benefits, you can upgrade to a premium account. – ONLINE TOOLS


Previously known as Team-box, Red-booth is one of the best online tools for project management and team partnership. It is a one end solution for enterprise messaging, task management, file sharing, voice and video meetings. It gives a great foster to team prolificity and overall growth of the company. Let’s review some of its prominent features.

  • Integration: Red-booth is known for its powerful integration with a lot of web applications e.g. Google Drive, Outlook, Evernote, SharePoint, and many others.
  • Easy Access:  Easy accessibility is a superb quality that Red-booth has. You can access its web alliance on Windows or stay linked with Android and IOS applications. It works ideally fine on any of the platforms.
  • Centralized workspace: You can assign tasks to your team members, check the workflow, share documents, decisions, discussions, and other files with others. Task management and user pliability make it a much beneficial tool for various types of business.
  • Reporting: The advanced workflow reporting system is good to combat team leadership challenges. It enables you to correctly plan tasks and evaluate the completion time as well.
  • Effective Communication: This feature helps users to boost productivity by means of proper and real-time communication. Users or buyers can exchange ideas in groups or one-to-one chat.

Alongside other unbelievable online tools, Google Analytics has its own significance. It lets you track and analyse your advertisement on social networking sites. You can measure your Return On Investment and check which sort of advertisement is performing better. This service is user friendly, quick and accurate. It displays site statistics, analyses engagement of visitors and other social aspects of the website. – ONLINE TOOLS


Listening to songs really helps me stay focused and fruitful. Obviously, this is different for everybody, but numerous individuals seem to function better with music in the background. Spotify is an excellent place to find your choice of music every time and anywhere. You can choose what song you want to listen to, or you can let Spotify surprise you. Find out what type of music stays focused and alert. It’s great to help you through the quick afternoon dip.


It can be very thwarting and time-consuming to look for someone’s email address on their company’s sites. Voila Norbert finds the correct Email Addresses, even when they’re not explicitly mentioned on a website. You just have to know the name of your contact person and the domain name of their company. – ONLINE TOOLS

12. CANVA:

It is an online graphic design platform. I personally use it to create artwork for my website. No it’s not a place where you will find designers. It is a simple drag and drop design tool with a library of more than 1 million photographs, graphics, Gifs, and front. It provides free access to a wide mixture of design tools and options. You can make anything from book covers to graphs, charts and diagrams. – ONLINE TOOLS


It is a cheap yet effective marketplace that provides fast graphic design translations, SEO enhancement, business cards and anything else that you could need for your business. You can also pay somebody to write your message on their belly and do a dance, if that’s what you’re into. It’s the go-to service if you require something done fast. – ONLINE TOOLS


Want to get advice from an expert? Stop wasting your time browsing blogs. It connects you with a community of experts. You can look for professionals by name or by expertise, depending on the type of advice you are looking for. Having a personal conversation with an experienced entrepreneur is the ultimate way to get the answers you need. – ONLINE TOOLS


It is a free service you can use to create awesome looking surveys. We all use online forms to get response or feedback from our readers, listeners, and customers. Sadly, boring surveys are likely to be disregarded, which makes it harder for you to know if you’re going in the accurate direction. Typeform attractive, clear and mobile-friendly surveys can help you get the valuable feedback you need, without extra effort.  – ONLINE TOOLS

16. HIVER:

It is a corporate tool which allows businesses to transform their Gmail into a help desk platform that lets you control shared mailboxes from 1 Gmail account. Using Hiver, you can offer customer support, monitor operations, manage and grow your sales and this is all viable through your Gmail. It’s a cheap and comprehensive business management solution. 

Well the question appears how does it actually work? The process is very easy to acknowledge. It’s done by sharing your Gmail labels with other team members directly to their Gmail account. So, when a support appeal or sales query comes to your inbox, you can divide it with a team member and assign them the task.

Significant features: 
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Shared Gmail labels 
  • Collaborative inbox for teams
  • Email delegation and notes for Gmail
  • Email reminders and snooze

You can use mailchimp for Email marketing which holds great significance for the success of a businessman. This significant tool is used by more than 20 million people globally that proves its legitimacy. With the help of MailChimp, you can simply send better emails, connect your online store and increase your sales. It gives you full authority over your communication. It is one of the best online marketing tools that strengthens the relationship between brands and consumers. 

18. PENJI:

If you don’t have a ton of spare time to find a talented freelance designer, a great and affordable alternative is joining an unlimited graphic design service like Penji, a main choice for online businesses that  require design help, since they already have a team or group of vetted designers ready to solve any design request you can think of. All you need to do is sign up to try it out and subscribe to the right plan according to your design needs. Then you can swiftly start requesting graphics, logos, advertisements and numerous different types of design benefits.


If you are looking to outsource the manufacturing of your clothing production for a dropshipping or otherwise E-commerce driven business, then sewport is a must-stop destination for affordable, trustworthy clothing manufactures based around the world. From sportswear to women’s high fashion, accessories like sunglasses, belts and shoes, more than 7,400+ companies and entrepreneurs are already using the Sewport platform to find and work with high quality factory partners. – ONLINE TOOLS


This fantastic tool suite is designed to be a free website builder for busy creators packed with tons of visually appealing templates, themes and modules to create an attractive looking website for you social followers to further connect and engage with you.  What’s great about Ucraft is that all users get access to a wide selection of fully customizable designer templates ranging from artsy portfolio sites to connect-focused blogs and those using eCommerce website builders that can help cast your audience. – ONLINE TOOLS


Entrepreneurs typically want to do everything themselves and be in charge of their business. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. In reality, we don’t have that much time to take care of each and every part of our business on our own. Let these tools and services help you organise your days, on a professional and personal level.

Stop wasting time on useless tasks and take control with these simple tools. Allow yourself to see the forest for the trees and do work that really matters.

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