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eBay Top Selling Products 2022

eBay Top Selling Products 2022

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Introduction – 

eBay Top Selling Products – It’s important to analyse your rivals and product trends before you start selling so that you can determine the top eBay sellers. You’ll learn about all the information required to launch your business in this guide.

Do you realize that some product categories bring eBay sellers hundreds of dollars per month? However, some things spend weeks or even months on “watch lists.” Online sales have grown recently, which is good news for eBay sellers. But as a seller, you must adapt to the continually changing eCommerce environment. Let’s move forward!

Why Sell On eBay?

According to statistics, there were “185 million total active customers on eBay, with 1.3 billion product listings on any given day” between the first quarter of 2010 and the fourth quarter of 2020.

When compared to Amazon and Etsy, the two most popular online marketplaces for sellers, eBay comes in third. eBay has a diverse range of customers, just like Amazon. Additionally, eBay offers a similar ease of use for creating and maintaining product listings as Etsy does. In contrast to Etsy, where product listings must be paid for up front, adding them to eBay is at least temporarily free. My experience has shown that Amazon is more ideal for professional-level merchants and that maintaining it takes more work.

On Amazon, the registration process is actually quite difficult, but you can quickly set up your store’s account on eBay in less than five minutes. According to me, eBay is the finest option for vendors who want to open an online business and generate sales more quickly and easily. This market has a large audience, is simple to start up, and offers a variety of promotion alternatives. eBay is a well-known marketplace that, in my opinion, reaches a compromise.

eBay Top Selling Products 2022

Top Selling Products on eBay – 

1. Smart Phones & Accessories – According to Statista, the market for mobile accessories will grow to a size of 74.43 billion US dollars by 2026. The “Mobile phones and accessories” category on eBay is one of the best-selling product categories, according to the most recent reviews. Used phones and accessories are a highly sought-after product category, and buyers are hunting them.

Top products and brands in this section entail:

  • Apple and Samsung are the top-selling brands in the segment of phones.
  • Silicone cases, in-car carriers, headsets, covers, and skins are the top-selling accessories.

Ensure that you include unedited pictures of your belongings that show any potential scratches. It is acceptable if your phone has some dings or scratches, but you must be upfront about it; otherwise, your customers may request a refund if they receive a used product that is not in the same condition as shown in the Picture or description in your store.

2. Video Games – According to Statista, the global video game market is anticipated to be valued over $200 billion by 2023. Customers adore video games, especially during the period of lockdown and seclusion. Since eBay has the largest “vintage hunters” group out of all marketplaces, buyers turn to eBay first when looking for vintage or second hand games.

The following are the most popular brands and products in this category:

  • Video games (for popular consoles such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft Xbox); Console accessories (controllers and attachments); Video game merchandise.

The fact that so many of us grew up in the 1980s and 1990s explains why retro video games from those eras are currently popular. Additionally, the cyberpunk trend makes a substantial contribution to the increasing demand for items from the 1980s. Why not give a purchase you made to your customer a little extra vintage flair? Sending your customer a souvenir from that era, like a postcard, is an option.

3. Health & Beauty – According to Statista, the most popular category of health and beauty care products in the United States in 2020 was soap.

Products in the health and beauty category are in high demand on eBay, just as they are among the best-selling items on Amazon. Although it’s not the only one, skincare is the most important trend in the beauty industry. People are looking for miracle products that will help them avoid ageing and improve their appearance. You may find a huge variety of companies on eBay, from small independent ones to well-known ones.

The topmost products in this category are as follows:

  • fragrances, particularly for men (Calvin Klein, Versace, and Creed are the most popular brands);
  • Cosmetics; skincare and anti-aging items;
  • hair care, including treatments for hair loss;
  • Items for the bathroom, such as soap.

An expiration date is required in this product category because customers value this information. Some consumers might send back your goods if they disagree with the expiration date. Another issue is failing to be transparent and truthful about the components of your products, their intended use, and any possible negative effects.

4. Home & Garden – According to Statista, the market for gardening equipment and supplies will expand steadily and reach a sales value of over 130 billion dollars in 2024. A great site to look for garden and home goods is eBay. You can get brand-name new or secondhand products from reputable retailers.

Leading bestsellers in this area include:

  • Tools and shop supplies (the most popular brands are DeWalt, Milwaukee)
  • Kitchen, dining, and bar items, including water filters

Remember the season if you are selling garden-related things. During the summer, demand for gardening supplies increases. If you sell vintage home décor or antiques, mention the item’s current condition, creation year, and possibly even a brief summary of the item’s past.

5. Computers & Tablets – According to projections, there will be 218 million laptops and more than 160 million tablet units available in 2020. The number of laptops shipped will slightly decline to 217 million units in 2024, according to projections, according to Statista. Similar to mobile devices, computers and tablets are a significant source of eBay sales. Your laptop can be sold on eBay and you can purchase a used laptop for less money. However, you are allowed to sell a variety of electronic devices, including printers, scanners, and other devices, under this category.

The most well-liked products in this category are:

  • Desktop computers, Ultra Mobile PCs, Printers, Scanners, and Supplies, as well as Networking equipment, Laptops, Netbooks, Drives, Burners, and Memory are all examples of electronic devices.
  • Monitors;
  • equipment for networking; software.

On eBay, buyers are searching for a lesser cost, so keep an eye on what your rivals are charging. Show all visible blemishes and scratches on the photographs to prevent receiving poor reviews and refund requests.

6. Musical Instruments – According to the prediction, the musical instruments segment’s revenue would rise from about US$33 billion in 2019 to US$41 billion in 2023. — Statista Since it’s convenient to obtain used instruments at a lesser price, musicians frequently resell their musical equipment. Vintage musical instruments may be of interest to some customers, and eBay is a wonderful marketplace for this kind of merchandise.

The most often used products in this category are:

  • Guitars and basses; pro audio gear such as microphones (the most popular brands are Shure, Pyle, etc.); cables or interconnects.

Adding visuals should be done with creativity while remaining truthful. Considering that music is magic, you are selling it. Therefore, avoid adding guitar-related images with a background of a damaged door. If you can, include as many details, and do not conceal any potential damages.

7. Cameras & Photo – The global action camera market is anticipated to reach $10.25 billion in value by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 12.6% over that time. — Statista One of the best-selling product categories on numerous online stores, including eBay, is this one. People enjoy taking pictures and creating digital art, therefore it makes sense to sell accessories or equipment for these activities in the Camera & Photo category.

The most well-liked goods in this category are:

  • Digital cameras (Canon, Nikon, and Sony are the most widely used brands); drone cameras, camcorders, and photo accessories.

Be as thorough and accurate as you can when describing your item’s condition, both mechanically and visually. While highlighting the good points, show and describe any scrapes or damages.

8. Clothing, Shoes & Accessories – “In 2019, the global market for clothing and footwear was worth $1.9 trillion. By 2030, it is expected that this excellent number would have increased by more than 70 percent. — Statista.

The continued interest of customers in fashion merchandise is not surprising. Brands available on eBay range widely, from Puma and Nike to Kors and Zara. Many fashion items are either handmade, vintage, or used because eBay focuses more on vintage items. Buyers are constantly on the lookout for some remarkable prints, which drives up demand for hoodies and printed t-shirts. For instance, while eBay has the entire selection, it’s difficult to buy a trendy t-shirt with a “Van Gogh” print in mass-market shops.

Top-selling items in this List are: men’s t-shirts, hats, purses, and jewellery for ladies are also available (especially the luxury segment).

To find out what to sell in this product category, read through eBay’s articles and how-to instructions and browse its discussion boards. Fashion is ever-evolving, so keeping up with trends is essential for staying competitive. Do you, for instance, know what colour the year is? Or have you seen the most recent Chanel or Versace fashion shows? You should if you are an eBay clothing seller.

9. Jewellery & Watches – The Luxury Watches & Jewelry segment will bring in US$59,346 million in revenue in 2021. It is expected that the market will grow by 4.35% yearly (CAGR 2021-2025). — Statista For sellers, this is an extremely lucrative market. These goods are firstly less likely to be harmed while shipping. Additionally, shipping may be less expensive (than sending bags, for example). In the popular product category of jewellery, eBay users like to look for used jewellery products.

The most well-known brands and products in this category are:

  • Jewellery, beads, and watches (the most popular brand is Swarovski, but most items are unbranded though),
  • jewellery & accessories handcrafted by hand
  • rings, both engagement and other
  • Jewellery includes pendants, earrings, and necklaces.

Read this eBay instruction on selling jewellery, keep up with current trends, and look at Instagram for inspiration. Since your customers should be able to see any little blemishes on your products, include high-quality images. Since you must present your items from a variety of angles on eBay without employing a filter, jewellery images there are different from those on Instagram.

10. Toys & Hobbies – According to Statista, toy retail sales in the US will total $25.14 billion in 2020. The demand for children’s products is always high. Kids’ Choice is mostly connected to another top-selling eBay category. Disney toys, which are quite popular among kids, fall into this group. Customers do, however, look in this area as well for collectible toys.

The top brands and goods in this category are:

  • Action Figures, Diecast & Toy Vehicles, Building Toys, and McDonald’s Happy Meal Endgame Toys are some of the famous categories of toys from TV and movies. The most well-known brands are Disney, Mattel, and Hot Wheels.

Items from Disney, Hot Wheels, and Star Wars are good bets for a profit. On eBay, toys related to the McDonald’s Happy Meal Endgame are another well-liked trend.

11. Vintage, Collectibles & Antiques – According to Statista, the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic forced dealers and auction houses to look for substitutes for live events, which caused the total sales in the global online market for art and antiques to roughly double in 2020 compared to the previous year. For selling vintage items, collectibles, and antiques, many people use eBay. Furthermore, by taking part in an auction, you can get a Sotheby’s vibe or a wonderful discount on the item. Along with pre-owned Chanel bags, customers may buy actual Soviet-made sunglasses or unique dresses from the 1940s on eBay.

The most popular products in this category:

  • Vintage purses, jewellery, accessories, and apparel from the 1960s and 1970s.
Basic tips for selling on eBay

Basic tips for selling on eBay

Give proper product listings and SEO some thought. It is essential to have accurate product descriptions that include pertinent SEO keywords. Make sure to keep these descriptions concise but helpful, and make sure they are original (not copied from the other businesses).

Make original, well-written (but not very long) descriptions. And be as detailed as you can to guarantee that your products are rated higher and that their sales will boost eBay sales. Include eye-catching photos of high quality. Include imaginative, yet realistic, graphics in your product listings. For eBay, avoid very professional photography. Feedback is important. It is vital, and sales will rise more quickly once the store gets only positive feedback.

provide excellent client service. If you want to obtain a high rating on eBay, you need provide competent customer service. Make sure your messages are cordial and useful, and that you respond promptly. Read eBay’s guidelines on what can and cannot be said in communications sent through the site, and address any issues customers may be experiencing.

proper packaging Please keep in mind that I need to reimburse the order. Promotions may be effective. The opinions of potential customers are something you will undoubtedly obtain if you start paying for ads or promoting on eBay.

Conclusion –

“I sell something hard if I believe in it,” the speaker said. Estee Lauder
It’s possible that your one-of-a-kind antique vase will sell out soon, but if you want to ensure that your store will have consistent sales, picking the ideal niche and top-selling products is a fantastic way to do so. The selling process requires constant product study, so having a comprehensive manual on hand is usually a smart idea. The visibility of your products on eBay is equally important for consistent sales. You will show up in the top search results for this niche if the description is written in compliance with all SEO best practises.

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