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  How to buy bigRock hosting 9 steps

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Specification(How to buy bigRock hosting)

  How to buy bigRock hosting
  How to buy bigRock hosting

How to buy bigrock hosting. Small businesses, professionals, and individuals can get web presence solutions from BigRock, a major service recognized by ICANN. We provide our customers a full range of solutions to start and develop their internet presence.

Domain registration, business-class email services with anti-spam and anti-virus protection, web hosting, website builder products, e-commerce solutions, and digital certificates are all part of our product offering.

Our product platform, which powers more than 6 million domains, is the result of more than ten years of technical R&D investment.  The Top Domain Registration & Web Hosting Company in India.  Keep reading to know more about ”How to buy bigrock hosting”

BigRock is a significant supplier of web-presence solutions to individuals, professionals, and small enterprises that has received ICANN accreditation. We offer all the products our customers could possibly need to start and develop their internet presence.

BigRock is a leading supplier of web presence solutions for people, businesses, and professionals. We provide our clients a complete selection of solutions to launch and grow their online presence.

Our product platform is the culmination of more than ten years of technical R&D investment and powers more than 6 million domains. 

Products from BigRock include business-class email services with anti-virus capabilities, domain registration, website construction products, web hosting services, and digital certificates.

The website is highly user-friendly, and the features are reasonably priced. It appears that anyone may obtain one. Customers of the business receive first-rate service. Watch till the end to know more about ”How to buy bigrock hosting”.

BigRock – Team and founder(How to buy bigRock hosting)

How to buy bigrock hosting. Indian tech entrepreneur and multimillionaire Bhavin Turakhia. He was born on December 21, 1979, in Mumbai to a middle-class Jain family.

He is today a 41-year-old male. He finished his education at Arya Vidya Mandir in Bandra. He was accepted to D.G. Ruparel College to study science, but he later left and went to another college to finish his bachelor’s in business.

He co-founded a tech company with his brother, Divyank Turakhia, when he was just 18 years old. He is the creator and CEO of a number of businesses, including BigRock, Radix, Flock, Zeta Suite, and Flock. 

He was listed as India’s 95th richest person in 2016. In 2016, Entrepreneur India also recognized him as The Serial Entrepreneur of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year in Innovation and Technology.

He received the Bharti Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2005 from the Indian Bharti Foundation and The Entrepreneurship Development Institute. Watch till the end to know more about ”How to buy bigrock hosting”.

The following services are offered by BigRock:(How to buy bigRock hosting) 

How to buy bigrock hosting.

– Shared, reseller, and specialised hosting are all forms of hosting. Linux, Windows, Linux Reseller, Windows Reseller, WordPress, CMS, VPS, Cloud, and Ecommerce Hosting are all included in this.

– Domains: Addons, Transfer, and Registration. Domain Name Registration, Premium Domains, Domain Name Prices, Domain Transfer, Bulk Domain Transfer, Privacy Protect, Domain Who is Lookup, Name Suggestion Tool, and Free Services are all included in this list. 

– websites, including BigRock Instant and DIY Website Builder.

– Linux and Windows dedicated servers are available.

– Digicerts & SSL, SiteLock, and CodeGuard for security. 

– Email for businesses and enterprises. 

– Office 365 and G Suite for productivity.

BigRock’s Business Model (How to buy bigRock hosting) 

BigRock's Business Model (How to buy bigRock hosting) 
BigRock’s Business Model (How to buy bigRock hosting) 

How to buy bigrock hosting. The business offers support via emails, chats, and phone conversations from 9 am to 8 pm so that small businesses may concentrate more on increasing their revenue.

Sales generate a commission for the business. Additionally, it has a Make Big Money Program linked with BigRock. This enables FREE registration with $0 investment. From this programme, BigRock makes about Rs 10,000 every sale.

 – Save 51% on Web Hosting 

– 2 years for Rs 898 -.IN

– 2 years for Rs 1248 -.COM

The goal of BigRock is to give you exceptional customer service. In order to give you more time and energy to devote to developing your business, it offers support assistance by chat, call, and email.

The chat and call support hours are 9 am to 8 pm. You can contact clients all over the world and engage in international competition by utilising the quick and simple registration process, the dependable hosting services, and a large selection of reasonably priced website design options.

BigRock technology team develops world-class products so that you can build your web presence without requiring a lot of technical expertise or resources.

BigRock aims to make website creation so simple and economical that just about anyone can acquire one. Offering you exceptional customer service is something we are very proud of.

So that you can focus more time and effort on growing your business, we are available to assist you seven days a week via phone, live chat, and email.

By utilising our quick and easy registration process, our reputable hosting services, and a wide range of reasonably cost website design options, you may interact with clients all over the world and participate in worldwide competition.

In order to help you create a strong online presence without needing a lot of technical know-how or resources, our technological team creates solutions of the highest calibre. Watch till the end to know more about ”How to buy bigrock hosting”.

How may a domain be sold on BigRock (How to buy bigRock hosting)  

How to buy bigRock hosting

– Enter the domain you want to change.

– To authorise, enter the transfer authentication code and check your email.

– Agree to the domain’s release to the previous registrar.

– Get an email confirming the domain transfer to BigRock was successful.

When a website owner requires more authority and control, dedicated server hosting services are required. Since a dedicated server is a website’s only available resource, the likelihood of downtime or other problems is reduced, maximising productivity and functionality.

The following is a list of the perks and benefits: (How to buy bigRock hosting)  

How to buy bigRock hosting.

– More Flexibility and Control – You have more control over the server with dedicated hosting because there are several configurable options for server configuration.

You are free to control every feature of these crucial parts, including RAM, disc space, and other significant ones, in accordance with your own requirements.

Enhancing Security – Enhancing security goes hand in hand with personalization and exclusivity. Your security is increased with a dedicated server because you have exclusive access and management.

Threats and malicious attacks are automatically less likely because no one else uses the same server space as you do.

Directorial Access – In contrast to shared hosting, BigRock hosting gives you root access, also known as directorial access, allowing you to better tailor your configurations and plugins to suit your particular requirements.

Simply said, you have the administrative flexibility to customise your hosting and server requirements rather than depending on a “one size fits all” package. 

– Successful Scalability – It does not necessarily follow that you won’t continue to expand just because you’ve decided to switch to a dedicated server because your website traffic has increased.

BigRock Hosting enables you to scale your setups as well, to meet your expanding needs, as your website traffic continues to rise. 

The dedicated IP address – Your IP address will be exclusively used for your needs, exactly like the server space.

As a result, there is absolutely no risk that your IP address will be blocked or listed on a blacklist as a result of someone else’s errors or activities. Watch till the end to know more about ”How to buy bigrock hosting”.

Features and Usability (How to buy bigRock hosting)  

How to buy bigRock hosting. In addition to shared web hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), cloud computing, SiteLock services, domain name registration services, and backup solutions, BigRock also provides a full range of affordable hosting options.

The shared hosting options come in two flavours: Windows hosting (Essential, Premium, Business, and Pro) and Linux hosting (Starter, Advanced, Business, and Pro).

They include the following features as standard (How to buy bigRock hosting)

How to buy bigRock hosting.

– Infinite storage space 

– unlimited email addresses and domains.

– Unrestricted capacity.

– CloudLinux 

– the MySQL database. 

– PHP versions 5.2 through 5.4 

– One-click installation of Softaculous

– Plesk/cPanel control panel. 

BigRock makes use of both the widely dispersed Cloudflare CDN and the Varnish Cache, which keeps track of users’ most-visited pages.

Together, these technologies guarantee quick page loads and support websites that experience tremendous traffic.

CodeGuard is the company that powers automatic backups. Available backup plans include Basic, which offers up to 5 websites and 1 GB of disc space with a 5-day automatic backup, Professional,

which offers up to 10 websites and 5 GB of disc space with daily automatic backups, and Premium, which offers up to 25 websites and 10 GB of disc space with daily automatic backups. 

The state-of-the-art hardware infrastructure for BigRock is kept in American data centres. To guarantee quick page loads, this provider uses Dell Rack Servers with Xeon processors and SSD storage.

A reasonable but not exceptional 99.9% uptime guarantee is provided. Watch till the end to know more about ”How to buy bigrock hosting”.

People’s Reviews on BigRock(How to buy bigRock hosting)

People's Reviews on BigRock(How to buy bigRock hosting)
People’s Reviews on BigRock(How to buy bigRock hosting)

How to buy bigRock hosting.

– Excellent choice of domain names. Company website’ TLD was extremely reasonably priced in India.  

Grateful for the assistance of several knowledgeable people who walked me through each step when I ran into difficulties. Overall, so far, it has been an incredible experience.

– I gave managed seo services a try. Although their expertise in SEO is excellent, I must admit that their consulting services are pretty pleasant.

In addition, I’m investing in shared hosting for my blog and am crossing my fingers that the seo there will be fruitful as well. I’m pleased with how well my campaigns have performed so far.

-After purchasing a.COM name for myself, I have been using BigRock hosting for more than two years, and I can unquestionably recommend them.

I communicate with their support staff through the Chat option since they are excellent. I added SSL to my website in addition to the hosting and.COM domain that I bought in 2018. They made sure that my website is safe and operating efficiently by installing a committed SSL.

Hope you have got complete information about ”How to buy bigRock hosting.”.
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