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As everyone is aware about whats app but it also has a tool known as what’s app business well it is an app which is free to download, and is available on android and as well as iPhone. This feature interacts with customers easily and provides tools to automate and also quickly respond to messages. This also allows many firms to securely and safely message their customers directly within the whats-app messaging podium. 

How to Use This Tool?

This feature got launched in January 2018, well there is a question that pops in every mind is that how can we use this feature so for that, use different messaging apps for business. Easily revert to customers with auto replies. Promote your products or goods directly, always remember to develop your trust through a business profile. Arrange your customer contact list. 

There are few features to be used in Whats-app business. 

Starting up with setting up a business profile that will be listed as a business account that is very informative for the customers for instance email address and websites. 

Labels: you have to assign customers with labels that allow putting in contact order so that you can easily find them. Instant replies are quickly sent messages that you will create, save and then reuse. 

Then comes greeting messages. It is used as the introduction of a customer to your business. Message statistics gives you entry to main metrics that allows you to see many messages.

What is What’s App Business?

How to set up a What’s app business Account?

You have to make sure that what’s app business is available in your location. You have to choose the number you want to use for the profile. Then install What’s app business on your phone app. Then once you get started with this then verify your business phone number. You have to set your business name, and then you’re ready with What’s app business profile. 

There is also a difference between Whats app and what’s app business accounts so whatsapp is where you upload a picture, name and your description whereas whatsapp business permits you to create a profile that suits the products and services offered by the business. 

You can chat with your friends and family using Whats-app normal edition. Additionally, What’s app Business is a fantastic tool for building relationships with your clients if you run a business. In the US, 53% of Whats-app users use the app daily or more frequently. Every 5th adult in the US uses Whats-app. More than five million companies use What’ s app Business. Every day, half a billion Whats-app accounts use the Whats-app Status function.

Benefits of using What’s app:

What makes What’s app business so special is that What’s app Business offers capabilities to automate, sort, and swiftly respond to messages, which makes communicating with customers simple. It also aims to function and feel just like Whats-app Messenger. 

You can use it for anything you’re used to doing daily, including sending images and communicating. There are some pros about the What’s app business, like everyone uses Whats-app. It makes it simple to quickly contact anyone. The sharing of photos and documents is quite simple.

What’s app Business enables businesses to chat with clients inside the Whats-app messaging app in a safe and secure manner. One benefit of Whats-app over SMS is that it is directly connected to a specific phone number and offers a branded corporate profile rather than a random collection of numbers.


Uses of What’s app and why is it so Popular?

The messaging software Whats app is generating a lot of excitement in the corporate world right now, and for good reason. Over 1.6 billion users around the world have swiftly come to rely on Whats app as their primary communications service. Family and friends may use it to chat, make group texts, share photographs and videos, send and receive documents, and have private, secure discussions whenever it suits them, day or night. 

It is quick, easy, and handy. Companies all across the world are now yearning to adopt What’s app Business API as well. Then why not you? Customers are increasingly looking for businesses to engage with them in the same way they connect with their friends and family in today’s omnichannel world of messages, chats, posts, and tweets. As it turns out, messaging applications like Whats-app, LINE, and Facebook Messenger are dominating the market as the most popular avenues for communication right now. 

Whats-app actually holds the top spot as the most widely used messaging service in the world, with users in more than 180 locations and a daily message output of over 60 billion. Because of this, forward-thinking companies all across the world are enthusiastic about the Whats-app platform’s possibilities. 

The Whats-app Business API enables developers to create fresh experiences that reach more users in more locations and lead to more successful customer interactions.

Five reasons to use What’s App Business API –

Establishing stronger brand ties – For most organisations, developing strong brand relationships with consumers is the pinnacle of success. And Whats App keeps its word by giving companies a private, intimate space to speak with clients privately. 

Businesses may use What’s App to create “Business Profiles,” which are distinctive, completely branded business identities. This enables you to supply details like email and phone contacts, social media links, store addresses, website URLs, and other company information or offers. 

The chance to add your brand personality into every client interaction is provided by your What’s app Business profile, which is more crucial. Your consumers can be certain that you are the person on the other end of the line when they choose to connect with you because Whats App checks all business accounts.

Reaching out to customers where they are already – How recently did your home or workplace phone ring? How about the last time you responded to a direct mail piece? These conventional means of communication, as well as more contemporary digital ones like SMS and email, no longer satisfy all customer needs. In actuality, more practical multichannel solutions are replacing them. 

Successful businesses are aware that in order to provide excellent customer experiences, they must go where the customers are and be on the platforms they choose. According to Nielsen, 56 percent of customers would rather message customer care than call it in, while a Dimensions Data research finds that 90% of consumers prefer using messaging to engage with businesses. One of the progressive businesses already utilizing What’s app Business is Snap Travel. 

They are aware of the need to make it simple for their consumers to look up and reserve hotels on a variety of messaging platforms, which is why they just included Whats-app to their service. By switching to Whats-app, Snap-travel was able to grow internationally and give more clients the freedom to contact the company through the messaging service of their choice.

Participating globally- The number one messaging app in 104 locations as of early 2018 is Whats-app. If your client base is international or if your consumer travels internationally, be aware of this. Additionally, it has the greatest smartphone penetration rates, reaching up to 95% in some of those places. Due to its users’ ability to use it for free, Whats-app has quickly risen to the top of the list of communication apps for both personal and professional use. 

With the exception of China, where commercial communications tend to favor We Chat, its popularity is unmatched in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. These regions’ increased smartphone adoption has also boosted the use of messaging apps as a preferred route for business transactions. 

Think about PATH, a Seattle-based nonprofit organisation dedicated to global health. PATH has been assisting the National Malaria Elimination Center in Zambia by gathering data, conducting research, and engaging the local community. Since PATH was an early adopter of messaging, it was aware that in order for the Zambian Ministry of Health to be successful, it would need to communicate with front-line healthcare providers through a channel that was both user-friendly and widely used by healthcare professionals. 

They used SMS, which showed amazing promise, and PATH is now using What’s app business tool to help with tracking data submissions, finding reporting patterns, optimizing message targeting, and assuring more secure and private connections. 

Promoting dialogue with both sides – Businesses and customers can directly communicate with one another via conversation on Whats app. Real interactions don’t require one party to text “Y” for “yes” or to close an app and pick up the phone in order to continue the conversation. 

Customers of today want to interact with businesses and have actual dialogues, not just react to messages that are sent to them in one direction. This is particularly true in regions of the world where two-way communications were not at all feasible due to legislative concerns, subpar phone numbers, and connectivity issues. 

Being the first app to provide global two-way communications of the highest caliber and dependability, Whats-app addresses these challenges. Additionally, Whats-app is a fantastic platform for notifications like delivery alerts; purchase Innovative online meal delivery firm Deliveroo collaborates with over 35,000 eateries across 12 cities and was one of the first companies to integrate Whats app messaging to offer first-rate customer service. 

Deliveroo realized they had to offer the finest possible meal delivery service if they wanted to change the way their clients ate. In order to do this, the British-based company chose an multichannel strategy to be accessible on the channels that its clients liked. Deliveroo CTO Mike Hudack is “thrilled” that the company can now send order alerts and status updates to consumers via Whats app.

Confidential and safe messaging – Conformity concerns and maintaining compliance with ongoing national regulations are a perpetual struggle. End-to-end encryption and a rigorous focus on maintaining subscriber privacy are two of Whats-app key advantages.


Users of Whats-app are drawn to the app for a clear reason: they want to interact with businesses they want to do business with in a comfortable but secure way. Additionally, Whats-app protects businesses because it is a constant balancing act for firms to be secure and compliant. Furthermore, you can feel secure knowing that the folks you’re texting are really who they say they are thanks to two-factor authentication (2 FA), which is built directly into the app. 

Employee privacy is extremely important to multinational recruitment agency Hays. A secure, safe, and private venue for private chats and information exchange is essential when matching hiring organisations with possible job candidates from around the world. Hays, a company with offices in more than 30 locations, has tapped into the Whats-app Business API to develop an automated job alert app that notifies qualified individuals of open company openings in real-time. 

The Hays Whats-app Business application gives job seekers the luxury and exclusivity of being “the first to know.” Additionally, Whats-app has a plethora of potential uses for HR businesses around the world, including conducting private interviews, transferring sensitive information, and receiving and reviewing documents. To Know about interesting what’s App facts, Click Here.

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