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YouTube Marketing

Youtube Marketing – 6 Reasons You Need

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Youtube Marketing – You have a wide range of platforms to select from when it comes to digital marketing. Having a YouTube channel might well be the finest way to market your brand online, even though famous websites like Facebook, Instagram, or your own website are wonderful places to invest in.

We all enjoy watching videos, let’s face it. We enjoy going to the movies, viewing the videos that people post on Facebook, streaming videos so that we can keep up with series like Orange Is the New Black and The Crown, and exploring YouTube’s hidden gems. Do I really need to say anything else? An engaging video! We appear to be powerless to stop. How many times have I seen the video of the hamster consuming a carrot? Over and over again, I’m ashamed to say!

It makes sense to use video in your marketing approach when people enjoy it as much as we do. And by “video,” we obviously mean YouTube. Continue reading for six reasons why you should think about YouTube marketing if you haven’t already incorporated it into your entire strategy.

Youtube Marketing
What is YouTube Marketing?

What is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is the practice of advertising and marketing your company on YouTube. YouTube is expanding more quickly than any other site because of the incredible potential of video as a medium. After Google, it receives the second-most visitors globally. It now has about 2 billion monthly active users around the world since it was launched. YouTube marketing is the solution, so use it if you want to diversify your traffic sources or simply just get your brand in front of your target demographic.

Top Advantages Of YouTube Marketing

Top Advantages Of YouTube Marketing – 

1. Heavy Traffic – With over 5 billion videos watched every single day, YouTube is expanding exponentially. More people use this platform than any other one now in use. Even if your company doesn’t produce many videos, you can still easily reach an audience by placing advertisements for your content on other people’s videos. Given the volume of users who visit YouTube, as long as you meet their wants, you will undoubtedly find clients. The following YouTube stats are important for you to be aware of:

Every day, 30 million people browse YouTube.

  • 300 hours of footage are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • YouTube users claim that 68% of the time, videos have an impact on their purchasing decisions.
  • The number of small- and medium-sized firms who advertise on YouTube has doubled over the last two years.
  • 76 different languages are available on YouTube (this covers about 95 percent of the Internet population)
  • YouTube is available in localized form in more than 88 different countries.

2. Higher Visibility on Google – You may have noticed that Google’s search results feature videos more frequently than other types of information. By producing videos using the high-quality content on your website and uploading them to YouTube, you may profit from this. By doing this, you’ll build links to your website that point back to it, increasing the likelihood that Google will find your company’s website. You may raise your company’s online authority by utilising YouTube marketing.

Your page will appear higher in the search engine results page the more respectable you are with Google.

Making YouTube more credible for your website can be done by using the following advice:

  • Obtain the inclusion of your videos on other websites via their embed codes.
  • Connect your YouTube channel to your website.
  • Upload your clips to other social networking sites
  • Test out different video formats to raise viewer engagement.

3. Build Your Email List on YouTube – Using YouTube to create your email list is a significant benefit of YouTube marketing. You may embed your sign-up form into YouTube videos using one of the many pieces of software that are available. You can briefly pause a video to allow viewers to subscribe to your list and provide you with their contact information. While simultaneously giving your readers high-quality material, this strategy makes it simpler to grow your email list.

Some of the most well-liked strategies for expanding an email list on YouTube are the ones listed below:

  • Utilize lead magnets.
  • Insert annotations
  • Insert cards
  • Advertise on YouTube

4. Higher Conversion Rates – A video replaces a million words if an image does the same. And more than any other type of content, videos may elicit feelings. They transform your SMS messages from being static to being dynamic and compelling, and they breathe new life into your company. In a distinctive way, they also assist in fostering a sense of authority and trust among people. You may raise your conversion rate by 80% by using this fun and compelling type of content.

5. Multiple Video Types – The range of video formats available to you for online business promotion is another significant benefit of YouTube marketing. Explainer videos, sales videos, videos for social media, videos for presentations, and video advertisements are the most popular sorts of videos on YouTube. One material can be reproduced across a wider variety of forms more readily. If you’re unsure on the types of videos to create, consider the following:

Create entertaining and absorbing videos

  • Respond to typical queries (Consider the most frequent inquiries about your company, your goods and services that you might receive from prospective clients.)
  • In videos from the backstage, demonstrate how your brand operates.
  • Gather client endorsements to create
  • Whenever You want To Go Live

6. Huge Media Library – In addition to having a huge user base, YouTube also has a sizable media library. Due to YouTube getting 300 hours of video every minute, this has happened. With that much knowledge, it’s theoretically possible to find whatever you require and much more. It’s simple to navigate such a big website and find the specific content you’re looking for thanks to YouTube’s powerful search engine. With more than 3 billion searches performed each month, it is the second-largest search engine on the internet, far outpacing, AOL, Bing, and Yahoo combined. If you’re worried that your content may be lost in this vast sea of information, all you have to do is optimize your YouTube videos.

7. Evergreen Content – The enormous growth potential of viral marketing has been demonstrated. However, for your material to go viral, it either takes a moment of genius or tremendous luck, and occasionally both. By utilizing evergreen material on YouTube, numerous YouTube video marketing organisations have experienced significant success in achieving steady development.

Evergreen content is content that stands the test of time. It remains relevant for long periods, giving you more growth opportunities. When using YouTube for business, you can repurposed old content to reach out to old and new audiences without significant investments in time, money and equipment.

An old but well-liked blog post, for instance, can be transformed into a podcast, video series, info-graphic, and explanation video. As a result, your YouTube video marketing business now has access to four more pieces of content that you can use to increase views and interaction.

8. Offers Greater Insight Into Campaigns – The best thing about YouTube advertising and marketing is that it offers free analytics on each video’s performance. YouTube’s Insights feature provides all the data you need on the number of views you are getting, your viewers’ demographics and your subscribers’ status, similar to Google Analytics.

But the best thing about YouTube Insights lies in its most powerful feature: Discovery. You gain more insight into how users are finding you on the website. It shows what channels are being used to find your videos. Data on the specific dates, external and internal searches and the keywords used to find you are all available on the Discovery feature. All of these will help you improve your YouTube marketing services to help you optimize future videos.

Youtube Marketing
YouTube Marketing

Conclusion – 

Every business has an incredible chance to increase traffic and clients thanks to YouTube. But it’s also a pretty cutthroat environment. As a result, you cannot simply start posting movies and anticipate seeing results right away. Many large companies dive headfirst into YouTube marketing without a plan, as evidenced by the lack of views and subscribers they receive. The fact is, making excellent videos isn’t enough to be successful on YouTube. It involves learning how to tailor those films to the search terms that people use on YouTube.

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