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Zomato Marketing Strategy 2022

Zomato Marketing Strategy 2022

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Zomato set out to be the finest restaurant search and discovery platform. It provided thorough information on more than 1.4 million businesses in 23 different nations. There were details about the restaurants, including names, menu items, costs, and reviews.

With time, it has developed into an online platform for food delivery. The ability to order food from neighbouring restaurants using their app or website has recently been added. The customer places an order at the restaurant, and Zomato delivery staff picks it up and delivers it to the given address. Let’s look at Zomato’s marketing strategy while we’re discussing it.

The core staff at Zom-ato is always prepared to pick up the situation and retry the process while making the required adjustments if anything doesn’t work out as expected. Co-founder and CEO of Zom-ato, Deepinder Goyal

What is Zomato?

What is Zomato?

Founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, Zom-ato is a restaurant search and online food delivery business. Helping consumers find outstanding restaurants in their area is Zomato’s main business. Along with menus, user reviews, and images, the company also offers comprehensive restaurant information. Users can order food from restaurants using Zomato’s online ordering platform as well. Zom-ato, one of the most well-liked tools for discovering restaurants and foods, has been expanding quickly.

Zomato Business Model – 

Restaurant listings and advertising, food delivery, and membership programmes make up the three main pillars of Zom-ato’s revenue model. Every order that a restaurant receives from Zom-ato incurs a commission fee that Zom-ato collects from the eatery. Restaurants are able to reach a larger audience because of the company’s sale of advertising space on its platform.

In some markets, Zom-ato also provides a food delivery service. Customers can use the Zom-ato app or website to place meal orders and pay a delivery fee. Last but not least, Zom-ato offers subscription services in various markets. For a monthly fee, patrons can obtain discounts at some restaurants or receive limitless delivery. The foundation of Zomato’s business strategy is producing revenues from a variety of sources, providing the company with a diverse stream of income.

Zomato Target Audience – The target demographic for Zom-ato consists of smartphone owners with app experience who are between the ages of 18 and 35. Both consumers who prefer to eat out and those who want food delivered to their homes are the target market for the business. These teams frequently cross over. With the help of its Zom-ato Gold programme, it encourages individuals to eat out while also offering those in need of its meal delivery.

This group includes people who work and need food in their workplaces, students who live in residence halls and need food, people who don’t have the time or room to prepare their own meals, and people who occasionally like to eat out.

Zomato Marketing Strategy 2022

Zomato Marketing Strategy –

The goal of Zomato’s marketing plan is to increase awareness of and interest in its restaurant search and discovery services. Zomato achieves this via a combination of offline and internet marketing avenues. To name a few:

1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization – Zom-ato is a well-known dining and food delivery app with creative marketing approaches. Zom-ato has become one of the most well-known food applications in the world thanks to its SEO strategy. In order for their website to rank higher in search results, they must optimize both of those. As part of its SEO strategy, Zom-ato optimizes the content of its website for pertinent keywords and seeks to increase the number of links that point to it from authority websites and blog posts.

Zomato wants to increase its presence in search engine results pages so that more people will be exposed to its brand and are more likely to use its services. Zomato’s SEO efforts are already paying off, as evidenced by the considerable growth in organic traffic at the business. Focusing on SEO is a wise step made by Zomato that will probably aid in the company’s achievement of its long-term growth objectives.

2. Social Media Marketing – Zomato has been focusing on expanding its exposure in new markets, like India. As part of its expansion strategy, Zom-ato has been heavily investing in social media marketing. The company has made use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage with potential customers and promote its brand.

As part of its social media marketing strategy, Zom-ato has been deploying memes quite well. The brand has grown its social media following thanks to its memes, which are frequently creative and entertaining. The use of memes by Zom-ato has also aided in brand awareness and differentiation from the competition. Zomato has utilized user-generated content and influencer marketing in addition to leveraging memes as a form of social media promotion. One of the most well-known meal delivery startups in India, Zom-ato, has grown as a result of these tactics.

3. Push Notifications – The marketing plan of Zom-ato includes the usage of push notifications. Users who have chosen to receive them are informed through the app when discounts and exclusive offers are available. Personalized notifications are sent to the user depending on their location, preferences, and previous purchases. Push notifications are a useful tool for boosting consumer engagement and boosting revenue, according to Zom-ato. Push alerts increased the number of orders placed through the app, according to a recent study by the company. As a vital component of its marketing approach, Zomato intends to keep employing push notifications.

4. Paid Advertising – Paid advertising, including Google Ads, is a significant component of Zomato’s marketing plan. To reach a larger audience and raise awareness of its brand, the corporation has embraced paid advertising. Additionally, Zom-ato has promoted exclusive deals and discounts through paid advertising. Orders on the platform have increased as a result, bringing in more users. For Zom-ato to be successful in India, paid advertising has been essential.

5. Email Marketing – Zom-ato’s success has been significantly aided by its email marketing strategy. Zomato’s email marketing campaigns are highly personalised and provide pertinent offers to certain user categories. These initiatives have assisted Zom-ato in gaining new users and expanding their clientele in new geographies.

6. Offline Marketing – Zomato uses a combination of offline and online marketing strategies to connect with their target audience. Print ads, outdoor advertising, and television commercials are some of Zomato’s offline marketing strategies. Celebrities like Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, and many others have appeared in Zom-ato TV commercials. The business has also run advertisements in print media like newspapers and magazines. Zomato installed billboards and hoardings around India’s major cities as another kind of outdoor advertising. Zom-ato’s physical marketing initiatives have aided in extending its internet audience and raising brand recognition among prospective customers.

Influencer Marketing Strategy By Zomato – 

By promoting its content in local dialects and interacting with micro-influencers, Zom-ato has pushed the idea of “hyper-local marketing.” Zom-ato becomes more credible as a result of being able to interact with more people. Zom-ato has given influencer marketing a lot of consideration in its advertising strategy because it sees its potential. Zom-ato isn’t hesitant to go above and beyond and uses its notoriety to build its user base, regardless of whether it’s a macro or micro influencer.

Through its tweets, Zom-ato has made us all aware of its humorous takes on numerous situations. No matter what problem its users are now facing or come across on a regular basis, Zomato offers stuff that will make them smile. Its humour also has a strong domino effect and spreads like wildfire. Because it understands the importance of memes, which are hugely popular on social media, Zom-ato has mastered the art of “meme marketing.” This content marketing strategy helps the food tech company create a lot of organic traffic, which eventually contributes to an increase in overall income.

Zomato’s Collaboration Strategy
Zomato’s Collaboration Strategy – 

Zom-ato is actively collaborating with the government to ensure that its services can continue to operate normally during the crisis. In addition, they are supporting the thousands of people who are a part of their delivery network by setting up a fund to replace any income they would have lost as a result of the crisis. They also made certain that their delivery partners had masks.

When it comes to appreciating the importance of videos and utilizing them to its advantage on the YouTube platform, Zom-ato has always been a trailblazer. Zom-ato routinely posts unskippable, sharp, and brief video advertisements on YouTube with a subtle “call-to-action”. Therefore, it will be accurate to say that video advertising is a key component of Zomato’s digital marketing approach.

Conclusion – 

We believe that this article will make it easier for you to comprehend Zomato’s approach to digital marketing. Zomato is now India’s leading provider of food technology because to the application of this strategy.

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