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Earth Day – 22 April

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What Earth Day means?

Earth Day is an annual event to celebrate the and show the supports for such honourable achievement of moments raising environmental awareness. This annual celebration takes place on April 22 to raise awareness about the necessity of sustainability of our ecological system.  It is a day set aside globally for spreading awareness about environmental issues such as pollution, ecological disbalance or climate change, etc. And participating in activities which can help protect the environment.

Earth Day is one of the most followed international events, with many major environmental organizations holding different events to mark the day. It often has a different theme each year, although its main aim is environmental protection. It is also called International Mother Earth Day, which is the name used for the day by the United Nations (although the day predates the UN intervention).

How Earth Day started?

The annual Earth Day is also a symbol for the anniversary of the first modern environmental protection movement which started in 1970. So, the first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970. Since before this day it was clearly legal for industries or factories to pollute air and water; because there was no EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) and no such act that could punish such “illegitimate” actions. Clearly, there were no legal measures or laws which could help protect our environment.

In the spring of 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson made way for this issue into a national agenda by introducing Earth Day. Millions of Americans demonstrated in different American cities and it worked out! In December 1970, Congress authorized the creation of a new federal agency to deal with environmental issues, the Environmental Protection Agency.

The first Earth Day also led to the passage of the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act and many more regulations to help protect environment. These legal guidelines have covered tens of thousands and thousands of men, girls and kids from sickness and loss of life and have blanketed loads of species from extinction.

How Earth Day is celebrated?

Many people are looking up for new ways in order to help reduce the issue of environmental degradation. There can be many different ways to protect our environment and celebrate Earth Day. In order to celebrate this special day, you would also need to take out some of your time to indulge in the care of our ecological system. Let yourself be the part of this global campaign and become more aware and take steps towards our responsibility for our environment.

In many ways, people may gather up to volunteer in cleaning their surroundings. Even recycling things that are no longer usable in their original state. Planting more trees in the neighbour, taking resolution to reduce the usage of vehicles and switch to walking more or bicycling. Encouraging and spreading awareness about it. Going to the local events like Earth Day fairs etc. in which one can also volunteer. Lessen the use of plastic and using other methods to drink.
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How can we help on Earth Day?

People have taken up so many methods to celebrate this important day like obviously planting up more trees in your neighbourhood or any empty park or somewhere else. Other than that:

  • Take a walk or ride your bicycle if you are going somewhere nearer. Or you can also consider the option of carpooling if you are in a situation you can. It will help in lesser air pollution because of fewer cars on road.
  • There are many organizations as well in which people can volunteer on their own towards the ecological sustenance activities.
  • Getting more aware on this day by researching how to help protect our environment or importance of it can also help.
  • You can also spread the awareness among other people who may not know about this.
  • Switching from the paper bills to e-bills can also help reduce the cutting of trees.
  • You can also take out the time to look up in your home what can be put to recycling. This way you have a thing you need at cheaper ways and you are helping the protection of environment as well.
  • On this day, you can also look if there are water leakages in your house and get them fixed to avoid water wastage.
  • And you can also take up the initiative in your neighbour to clean things around and recycling them.
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Earth Day Themes

There has been various themes on Earth Day each year. The themes are to focus on a particular dimension of the issues which need more attention. And to also apply various applications towards the protection of our environment. Let’s have a look on the themes which have been set for each of the years:

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  1. Earth Day 2022 Theme: “Invest in Our Planet”
  2. Earth Day 2021 Theme:  “Restore Our Earth”
  3. Theme for Earth Day 2020: “Climate Action”
  4. Earth Day 2019 Theme: “Protect Our Species”
  5. 2018 Theme: “End Plastic Pollution”
  6. Theme for 2017: “Environmental and Climate Literacy”
  7. 2016 Theme:  “Trees for the Earth”
  8. 2015 Theme: “Water Wonderful World” and “Clean Earth – Green Earth”
  9. Theme for 2014: “Green Cities”
  10. 2013 Theme: “The Face of Climate Change”
  11. 2012 Theme: “Mobilize the Earth”
  12. Theme for 2011:  “Clear the Air”
  13. 2010 Theme:  “Reduce”
  14. 2009 Theme: “How Do You Get Around”
  15. Theme for 2008:  “Trees Please”
  16. 2007 Theme: “Be kind to the earth – starting from saving resources”
  17. 2006 Theme: “Science and Faith”
  18. Theme for 2005: “Protect our Children and our Future”

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