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World Environment Day

World Environment Day (celebrated on 5 June)

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World Environment Day


World Environment Day (celebrate on 5 June)With the help of effective plans and initiatives, World Environment Day can help you address in your environmental challenges. In order to make the environment safe, secure, and healthy for an better future every year, world environment day is celebrated on June 5. In 1972, at the beginning of the ‘Stockholm’ meeting on the human environment, the United Nations General Assembly declared a special conference in the environment.

It is a remarkable day that is respect every year to go up environmental awareness between people all over the world. As well as to inspire and encourage them to do positive activities in support of a clean and beautiful environment. On the planet It is mark as a major event of the year, with large preparations, during which political attention. And public actions are increase.

What is the significance of World Environment(nature) Day?

Plants and animals on the planet as well as human own a very valuable gift. Every element of the environment – air, water, soil, trees, forests, oceans, and so on. Must go on new and calm in order for the planet and the life it hold up to last for age.

There are many human activities today that negatively affect the environment, as well as deforestation, mining, and industrialization. The United Nations came up with the idea of respecting World Environment Day to promote awareness about environmental protection. In order to reduce the damage caused by human participation with the environment.

Aim of celebrating World Environment Day

World Environment Day’s main goal is to raise public awareness about many environmental challenges and to safeguard. Our environment for a good future many environmentalists, educators, scientists, and politicians participate in these events. And present new ideas for environmental protection and keep.

 Many schools, colleges, and offices participate in competition, tree planting, cleaning public spaces, reuse, and global warming, between other activities.  

  To educate students about environmental changes, schools and universities stage plays, plays, and films., how our environment is decreasing. This campaign raises public awareness about environmentally friendly products to help safeguard and save our planet. As well as to promote the creation of a cleaner, greener, pollution-free world for future generations.  

Also, to encourage the people to participate to allow in the environmentally friendly growth of our planet. Every year, these events take place in many cities and countries. Because this is a global problem that cannot be solve by a single country. International exhibitions are also order as part of the celebrations.

Plant more and more trees. environment day poster
How to get involve?

You can participate in World Environment Day celebrations in a variation of ways, as listed below:

  • Keep sharing your thoughts on social media and inspiring others to join the cause.
  • Don’t burn fossil fuels, petroleum, or other petroleum-based products.
  • Plant a new tree in your garden or in the group to show your care.

The annual theme is used by government and group to set out event. On social media, ordinary people and celebrities talk about environmental matter. People and small societies can also order their own events, such as talk shows, talks, and public awareness campaigns. Many environmentalists use social media to share their images of nature. In addition, special environmental awareness speech are given to students in schools. About the importance of the environment and how human effect might be reduce.

Environmental effects of the pandemic

The global coronavirus burst has had an impact on every feature of human life, as well as the physical world. The pandemic has had a wide range of effects on the environment. According to a new American study, the environment is quickly changing, and the timing of these changes suggests that the pandemic is to blame.

Positive effects

India’s air quality has improve by more than 20% since the close was tool as single are force to stay at home due to the lockdown. Noise pollution, which harms human physiological health and causes high blood pressure, is reduce. The reduced number of guest has also reduced the load on traveler locations. Allowing the biological system to recover.

Negative Effects

The growing load of crude trash is also having an ever-increasing affect on the ecosystem. People are also throw away soiled medical masks and gloves on the streets, create harm to the ecosystem’s wildlife.

What can we do to help restore ecosystems?

By selecting for self-production of natural items such as soaps and lotions, we may give to ecosystem repair. The amount of CO2 release into the atmosphere will be reduce as a result of self-production. Hold on to end up can be replace with eco-friendly beeswax wraps. Which are more windproof than plastic wrap.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day timeline from 2010 till present

The theme for 2010 was ‘Many Species. One Planet. One Future.’ As part of the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity, it was held in Rwanda and respected the diversity of life on Earth. India also celebrated World Environment Day in 2011. The theme of Forests.

The subject of the world environment day 2012 was ‘green economy’. The festivities took place in Brazil. The topic of WED 2013 was “Think, Eat, Save,” with motto “Think, Eat, Save.” According to the United Nations, one-third of all food produced does not make it from farm to table, follow in the waste of 1.3 billion tones of food worth $1 billion.

This amount would be enough to feed the world’s 870 million hungry people while also greatly reducing CO2 release. The year 2014 was devote to the sea, with the theme “Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level!” to raise awareness. About the issues that island nations face as well as sea levels rise.

WED was held in Milan, Italy in 2015, with the subject “Seven Billion People. One Planet. Consume can be Care of ” WED was the most popular topic on Twitter in more than 20 nations that year.

The 2016 printing, host by Angola, had the theme “Zero patience for Illegal Wildlife Trade,” while the 2017 printing had the slogan “Connecting People with Nature”. To best part the critical role we play in safeguard the planet, to which we are closely link and rely on. With official celebrations taking place in Canada the theme of the 2018 edition, which was host by India, was “Beat Plastic Pollution.” WED focused its effort in 2019 on “Beating Air Pollution,” a topic collect by China. A country heavily effect by this environmental challenge.

world environment day theme 2022 Theme: Only One Earth


World Environment Day is a amazing global event that serves as the UN’s front-end program for raise awareness of human involvement. With the environment many countries take part in the festivities, repeat their dedication to environmental problems. It is critical that World Environment Day be observed every year, with more and more member countries participating. In order to create global awareness about environmental conservation. its also known as paryavaran diwas in india in Hindi.

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