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What is an Experimental Website?

All About Experimental Websites 

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The human senses are taken on a journey by experiential websites. They go above and beyond the traditional transactional website to provide the user with something enjoyable, whether it be through sight, music, or, in the not-too-distant future, aroma. However, the main purpose of these websites is an experience, just as you could expect. In this post, we’ll get into the specifics of what makes a website experiential, why it matters, and look at a few real-world instances of this unique, enjoyable approach to website design.

Experimental Websites 
All About Experimental Websites 

What is an Experimental Website?

Instead of just reading about or viewing a brand, its services, or its products through text, photographs, or video, an immersive website enables users to actually experience the brand, its services, or its products. The website may employ storytelling and interactive design techniques like parallax, 3D content, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate how users might interact with the products or services.

Experimental Websites
What is an Experimental Website?

Why Experiential Matters for Website Design?

Experiential design may transport your users to new locations when you want to go beyond the appearance and feel of a conventional website. By providing a more engaging experience through unexpected, surprising, and wonderful visuals, sound, and user controls (like the insanely fun game on this page that definitely keeps visitors on the page longer), experiential websites bring the audience closer to the brand rather than focusing solely on increasing orders or generating new leads.

Brands might gain from the chance to boost customer confidence. If someone could “try on” eyeglasses from their computer using augmented reality (AR) technology or use the same technology to view how new furniture might appear in one of their rooms, how much more likely would they be to purchase eyeglasses? Similar to this, see how this well-known gear company employs narrative to help visitors picture the thrill and suspense of an outdoor excursion while gently adding its items from the sidelines.

Examples of Awesome Experiential Websites – 

Finally, the enjoyable part. Here are a few illustrations of interactive websites that may give you an idea of what may be done with cutting-edge design features and technology.

1. Titan Skinware – It may seem impossible to create a delightful experience on a website dedicated to sinkware products that compels a visitor to make a sink purchase right away. You would be mistaken, though, in regards to Titan Sinkware. This is so that you can experience being as close to the thing as possible without really touching it. The Australian firm that produced the website did this by creating an experiential website. As you read through some pretty stunning kitchen hardware, the website gives the impression of ease of movement.

2. Stanley Kubrick Experience – Making a website feel like an event doesn’t need that you are marketing any goods or services. The Stanley Kubrick Experience immerses you completely as it takes you on a journey through the life and work of the American-born director. You can still have a tonne of fun browsing this site even if you don’t like the artist.

3. Gucci – It’s not surprising that the high-end clothing company went all out for its website’s immersive design. However, the Gucci website employs a highly dynamic environment where users may pick where to go next, unlike the preceding examples, which use scrolling and a parallax design (where background images move more slowly than those placed in front of them). Check out the Christmas gift-giving guide in particular. It is presented as an office environment where you may virtually shop for things by clicking on various workstation spaces.

4. Anand Upender – Anand Upender, a San Francisco-based freelance UX engineer who specialises in food design, has created his own portfolio website. It features an intriguing mouse cursor that resembles an extended finger and an opening page that is really direct.

Apart from that, a basic yet effective two-tone colour scheme (blue and light grey) and a constrained number of menu selections keep things grounded. The eyeballs that follow the user’s movements at the top of the page are a really lovely addition that complements the dynamic and funny features.

5. Human Things By Nahuel Gerth – In Human Things, Nahuel Gerth bestows upon humanity a singular website that catalogues the greatest accomplishments of our race to date, from the Palaeolithic Era to the Present.

To display the significant events of each period, an aesthetically appealing timeline that moves across both horizontal and vertical axes was created. Each era has its own unique colour scheme and images that correspond to the era’s cultural cues. By clicking on the horizontal buttons, visitors can view a number of noteworthy events that are specific to each of the eras. These start an aesthetically appealing animation that connects each innovation to the one before it.

6. Beyond the Pandemic by Based Design – The COVID-19 epidemic has brought attention to the problems women have been having, according to the website Beyond the Pandemic by Based Design. The user can select a female character and relive her experience on the interactive website, which is designed in the manner of point-and-click games.

The website loads a distinct atmosphere for each scenario and uses a well-written story to let viewers witness the pandemic’s hardships through the eyes of women. The character in the hand-drawn scene is a little cartoonish, yet this doesn’t lessen the seriousness of any situation. All of the website’s stories and real-life situations are available for users to complete and then share on social media.

7. Yvon’s By Studio Deploy – It won’t be difficult for someone who lands on the home page of Yvon’s website, which was created by Studio Deploy, to become disoriented. Users can interact with the physics-defying, bouncy shapes that represent the company’s inflatable games and courses.

Upon waking up from the vividly coloured, engaging game, the visitor scrolls down to see the material displayed in obviously vibrant colours and similarly fun, bouncing animations. Overall, the website appeal provides straightforward, innocent amusement for children. A lovely touch and perfect complement to the on-brand, whimsical visual design are the large, strong typefaces in a distinctive Sans Serif typeface.

8. By Jaycie Mota – Jaycie Mota, a web designer, created a website for herself that pays homage to earlier styles and is a true representation of her personal and professional taste. The entire screen is covered in a white grid that resembles the layout of a notebook. Neon icons are intentionally coloured beyond the lines, and several components have subtle scrolling motions.

The homepage is separated into numerous sections, all of which have a similar “retro-futuristic” aesthetic. Visitors are enticed to learn more when the main menu opens with a lovely bouncing effect that spans the entire screen.

9. Lena Sitnikova – The following item is another another web design portfolio, however this time it belongs to Lena Sitnikova. A warped mouse cursor and a minimalist list that blurs whenever an item is selected are just two of the peculiarities used by the website in black and white.

Similar to this, the web designer’s earlier work is shown in an odd way: as a sequence of continually shifting graphics that emerge and disappear on the webpage. This minimalistic appearance that appears to be “ordinary” but is studded with intriguing features produces an unexpectedly powerful blend.

10. Waltz Creative – The Waltz Creative website features a “fake” horizontal scrolling that only seems to shift the screen from left to right. The website was created by the company itself. This clever visual ploy conveys an impression of the content’s organic flow on a webpage that features a wavy, vibrant opening sequence.

Below this section are even more colours, each dedicated to a specific block of content. The latter segments highlight a certain work by the agency – in static or video format, accompanied by stellar typography and a rounded mouse cursor.

11. Puppy Love Agency – Puppy Love Agency, a company specialising in branding and creating digital experiences for businesses, has developed a fun, well-thought-out and simply put, different website. Once the user lands, they can choose between three unlikely voices that narrate the site’s messaging: a cowboy, a sensual female ASMR and Aunt Ruthie. The visitors can also pick between different background colours. Once the narration is finished, the website offers a choice of links where visitors can explore the agency’s portfolio and other vital assets. The main menu to the right also contains these same elements.

12. Madeira Ocean Trails by Nossa – The website for the recreational, Portuguese island of Madeira is designed by Nossa agency. It features an interactive map that rotates as the user scrolls, which is accompanied by a copy explaining certain aspects of this Atlantic Island.

The hamburger menu opens a very stylish full-screen navigation from the right that also offers a multilingual option for visitors. Clicking on the Competitions at the top of the page zooms in on the map and details numerous riding and hiking activities Madeira visitors can enjoy.

Experimental Websites 
Examples of Awesome Experiential Websites
Conclusion – 

If you’re thinking about ways to make your brand’s website stand out, maintain the visitor’s attention, and get them to respond, then experiential design could be the path forward. Consider your audience, your purpose, and your goals in order to determine if creating an experience online will help you tell a story in a way that’s meaningful and exciting for the end user.

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