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Communication Skills (17 simple ways to improve your communication skills)

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Important of communication – We need good communication skills in every field, without good communication skills. We cannot become a successful person in our life. and without interpersonal skills.
If you take the help of these methods to improve your communication skills. Then by definitely your communication skills will be many times better than today.


1.Put yourself in other place and feel their situation and then talk accordingly :

When we put ourselves in the place of others, we feel their situation. Then we understand them as well as we understand ourselves.
By doing this, our words become effective and there is a truth in our words. We have a power in our words and people who put themselves in the place of others and understand their point of view. We all like such people more it also increases and our communication skills are also good.

2. We should make company of intelligent people:

We should make company of intelligent people, we should do this so that we can become wise like them. It is a simple thing when our understanding is good then our communication skill will automatically become good.
Every person who has good communication skills, that person is also very intelligent. The communication skill of a stupid person can never be good.

That’s why we should associate such people who are very intelligent and whose communication skills are very good. And anyway we start becoming the same way as we associate with people.
As we associate with people, gradually our habits, our behavior also starts becoming like theirs.

To improve our communication skills, we have to develop our intelligence and deepen our understanding. Which can be done only through experience and good company.

3. Do Practice:

Practice is very important to improve your communication skills.
No matter how smart we are, but unless we practice, our communication skills will not be good.

Some ways to practice:

  • Join a course or do some work where you have to talk more and more.
  • Talk on the phone as much as possible in a polite and effective way
  • Talk to as many people as possible.
  • Prepare 8 – 10 topics of your choice in such a way that increaseing your knowledge in those topics. So that you can talk more on those topics.
  • Join a course to improve communication skills of a good motivational speaker
  • Listen and observe good communicators as much as possible and learn from them how they are talking.
  • Practice daily minimum 60 minutes daily.
  • keep yourself motivated.

4. Increase your self-confidence:

It is very important to have confidence in us to talk to anyone;

  • Live in a positive environment.
  • Start facing your fear on a small scale.
  • Give yourself positive and good affirmations.
  • Increase your knowledge.
  • Keep your wearing nice and comfortable.
  • Have faith in yourself.
  • take care of your health.
  • Remember Your Past Achievements.

By doing this your confidence will increase to a great extent. And you will be able to talk to anyone confidently.

5. We should talk from our knowledge and experience:

We should talk only on the basis of our knowledge and experience because by doing this we get strength. and can talk based on reality, but those who do not talk on the basis of their knowledge and experience. They do not understand others’ point of view as deeply.

It is a simple thing, by doing this, we speak that thing that we have gone through, what we have experienced, what we have felt, understood, so we should talk only from our knowledge and experience, by doing this our talk is very effective. and we can say the right thing to a large extent.

6. We should keep our way of talking good:

We should keep our way of talking very good because our way of talking is enough to change the meaning of our words, if we have said something good in a wrong way then that thing Meaning will be taken as wrong because our way of saying it is wrong.

And even if a bitter thing is said in a good way, then its meaning will be taken out well because our way of saying that thing is good.we should speak politely to others.

7. Talk according to the situation:

We should always talk according to the situation, whatever is going on at that time, we should talk related to the same topic.

If there is a serious atmosphere going on somewhere, then there must be talk related to that environment.
And if there is an atmosphere of happiness going on, then we should talk about it according to that atmosphere.

Let us understand with an example that if we have gone to someone’s birthday party or to someone’s wedding, then we should not do any serious talk there, which may spoil someone’s mood or cause any kind of problem, where we are related to the same happy atmosphere.

And if we do not talk related to the environment, we talk differently, then our childishness appears there and the atmosphere there becomes very uncomfortable, so we should always talk related to the environment, by doing this our maturity is reflected and we can talk right.

8. Give respect:

We should take special care of giving respect to others while talking, by doing this our communication becomes even more effective, such a person who talks respectfully to others, people like to talk more to such a person because every human being He likes that people talk to him with respect.
Talking with respect also shows our values ​​and people also like to talk to us.

listen to everyone.

9. Listen and understand the whole thing before speaking:

We should listen well before speaking to understand the matter its called active listening. well so that we can know and understand the whole thing well, this is what happens when we listen and understand the whole thing. When we say something, then we can take the right decision.

But when we say something without listening to the whole thing, then we are not able to understand the other person well nor can we speak anything well, so we should first listen to the whole thing so that we can understand the whole thing, by doing this our talk becomes effective. Is.

10. We must say the whole thing:

As much as it is necessary to hear the whole thing, it is equally important to say the whole thing

We make three types of mistakes while talking:

we don’t even listen
Or after listening to the whole thing, they do not understand, they only listen to answer.
Or, after listening and understanding, they do not say their whole thing, due to which a lot of misunderstandings happen.

Therefore, along with listening and understanding the whole thing, we should also speak our whole point so that there is no misunderstanding.

11. Discuss instead of debate:

While talking to anyone, we should always keep in mind that we should not argue with him, if the views of the other do not match with our views, then instead of arguing with them, we should change the topic of our talk. Or you should leave from there with some excuse.

But we need to understand here that why does the matter turn into a debate while talking?
There is some reason for this, they understand;

  • While talking, we consider our own point of view to be correct and consider others’ point of view to be wrong.
  • You make our voice louder while talking, which is not liked by the person in front.
  • We don’t try to understand things from the point of view of another person.
  • Do not listen to what others have to say, only keep talking about ourselves.
  • We should talk keeping these reasons in mind so that we do not argue with anyone while talking and together we should also understand that every person’s thinking is different, every person’s point of view is different, every person’s understanding is different. Every person’s upbringing is different, every person grows up in a different environment.

Keeping all these things in mind, we should talk to every person, we should also respect the thinking and point of view of others, by doing this we will not argue with anyone and we will also be able to talk to others well.

12. Take feedback from your wellwishers:

Take feedback from 12 people: We should take feedback from people to improve our communication skills and we should get feedback from people good or bad, we should take that feedback in a positive way and improve it
By taking feedback, we will know our shortcomings, so it is very important to take feedback, we should not think that if we take feedback, then we will be inspired because if we do not take feedback, then how will we know what is lacking in us, in which we should improve. Is;

  • We can take feedback from our friends.
  • You can take it from your family.
  • Can take your teacher.
  • We always need feedback from our wellwisher because our wellwisher understands us and doesn’t make fun of us and always guides us right.

13. Think before speaking:

We should think before speaking because once what we have said right or wrong, we cannot take it back at any cost, so we should speak a little thoughtfully before speaking so that after speaking, we can speak our mind. But do not regret, before speaking, we should think that what to say, in which way, we should imagine all this before speaking so that we can speak our words with clarity.

14. Give your full attention while talking: While talking to anyone, we should remove all the distractions like:

If someone has come to talk to us, if at that time we are running our mobile or computer or watching TV or doing any other work, then we should leave all that for a while and give that person our best. We should talk with attention and keep our mind in the present movement so that our communication can be effective.

Our message can reach each other well so that there is no misunderstanding. And if we do not talk to people by giving our full attention, then people do not like to talk to us, due to which a wrong image is created in the eyes of our people, so we should give our attention to the person in front while talking.

15. Take care of your body language while talking: We should take great care of our body language while talking:

  • Contact
  • Expressions
  • Your hands
  • This is your dress
  • of your smile
  • of your feelings

While talking, we should take utmost care of our body language because if our body language does not match with our words, then the meaning of our talk changes, due to which we become wrong in the eyes of people even though we are right in our place. .

To keep the body language good, we need to keep our feelings good, if we are feeling happy then our body language will also be happy and if we are getting sad feelings then our body language will also be sad.

Now a question arises on this that how do we keep our feelings good:

The kind of information we put in our mind, the same feeling we take, the same feeling starts coming to us.This means that as things we see, as things we hear, as we will experience, we will start coming in the same way as if we see and hear more positive things then we will get positive feelings and if we see and hear more negative things then we will get feelings. Negative will also come and as the feelings come to us, so will our body language.

16. Spend time with those who have good communication skills:

Just like we live in the company of people, so do we become, our thinking, our habits, our behavior, our nature, our choice, our way of talking starts becoming like those people.
And gradually we become just like the people we associate with.

If we associate with rich people, then we will also become rich after some time because of their company and if we associate with the devotees of God, then after some time we will also become the devotees of God. From this, the influence of the company of five people around us is the most on us.

We will become like the five people around us, so we should do our company with the same people as we want to be, if we want our communication skills to be very good, then we should make company of those people. Those whose communication skills are very good, due to their company, very soon our communication skills will also become very good.

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communication skills.

17. We should understand the Intention of others:

Often forget to understand the attention of others while talking, we give importance only to the words of the people. We forget to understand the attention behind the words of the people. Due to which we have to give importance to others. don’t understand properly.
And take out a different meaning of the words of others. Sometimes, without understanding the attention of others, we take out the wrong meaning of their words. Due to which many times we also have a lot of misunderstandings.

That’s why after listening to people, we should understand their attention. After understanding what other person has said in their words and with what motive. We should talk to others so that we can understand people’s point better. By doing this our communication skills are good and our relationships are also good because by doing this we start understanding people.