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International Internet Day

International Internet Day

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There are no people around the world who do not use the Internet. It is very hard to do any work without the Internet today, but with the Internet, it is easy and simple to accomplish these small tasks. International Internet Day is celebrated globally on October 29, 2014 to mark the anniversary of the 1st use of the Internet for sending electronic messages in the year 1969.

History of International Internet Day 

It is celebrated worldwide on 29 October every year. Since 2005, Internet Day has been celebrated in the history of telecommunications and technology to remember the crucial Day. 

The Net started in 1969 when a computer network was designed for the military in the United States to interchange information in the event of a nuclear war. The Internet is known as ARPANET. Charlie Cline sent an electronic text for the 1st time on 29 October 1969. Charley Kline, working below the supervision of Professor Leonard Kleinrock, sent a text. This message is being sent by the US Ministry of Defense through networking of UCLA and Stanford Research Institute computers. 

Nevertheless, due to the initial transmission, the system fell down and the transmission crashed. Thus, International Internet Day is associated with the plan of expression that is celebrated with democratic passion. Through this, everybody can get the same benefit of this facility, which works in linking people in the world.

Another person, a computer scientist named Joseph Licklider, also deserves credit for being an web colonizer with an early vision of a worldwide computer network long before it was designed. Today he’s known as “computing’s Johnny Appleseed.”

It’s not possible to calculate the effect of the Net on society as a whole. That’s like trying to know about how the telephone and printing press changed the world. We began with text rooms, email programs, and some basic websites and wound up in the middle of a cultural revolution. Today we’ve got mail along with access to boundless possibilities in our back pockets. 

International Internet Day
International Internet Day

Importance Of Internet:

  • Search Information: There are some engines provided by the net that can be used to search for information such as chrome, Mozilla, safari etc. Search engines aid people to browse a lot of information. It has lessened the burden on people. 
  • For instance, we will have to search for a specific word in the dictionary by going around each and every word. Now we just type a word and can get the whole meaning of it in a couple of minutes. The data provided by the net is very useful, easy to acknowledge and valuable.
  • Education: These days when a pandemic is widespread all over the world and schools are closed for two years. The web has played a huge role in these times. There are various platforms provided on the internet that can make an effective classroom. Without the internet, the loss of education would be intolerable. Students use a few platforms to gain knowledge.
  • News: North -East- West- South. This is 1 of the excellent things about the net. The net keeps people updated and provides fast information everywhere, no matter how far the incident has happened. The net doesn’t wait for information to print in newspapers or shown on news channels. Many of the genuine websites are also there on the web that individuals trust.
  • Communication and Collaborate: Emailing is the most significant use of the Internet. The email was 1 of the main features made by the Internet. Apart from that, a lot of technology is being updated. Finally, the Internet has succeeded in the sphere of communication. A lot of applications have been created for easy, efficient and fast communication.
  • Social Networking: The most popular thing about the net is its social media sites. Social media sites have become a worldwide commotion these days. People spend most of their time on sites such as Facebook, Whats-App, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.
  • Entertainment: This purpose of entertainment is contended by the Internet. Live video streaming and gaming top the list. Music, dance and other creative skills are posted on different platforms. This platform engages a lot of crowds.
  • Online Shopping: Ordering products online seems easy. Individuals nowadays prefer using online mode to purchase products. It is less time consuming and easily available. Furthermore, the companies now offer a huge discount on online shopping which gives a bigger pace to it.
  • Digital Transaction: Internet banking, mobile banking and e-wallets are some of the facilities available on the internet. All the digital transactions are reinstated in a database that aids the government to track them for income tax purposes.
  • Tour and Travel: The net serves as a guide to people who wish to visit any place which is not familiar to them. The bookings for the ticket, taxis, hotels, flights can be done in advance through the Internet.
International Internet Day

Interesting Facts About The Internet:

  • Web live Stats gives all live updates about everything that is happening on the Internet, the number of tweets, blog post written, emails sent today, total number of websites, Instagram uploads, google search, YouTube Streaming etc.
  • There are treatment bases for Internet addicts in china. More than 200 million Internet users in China are between the ages of 15 to 35.
  • The Net requires great power to keep functioning, similarly as much as 50 million horsepower is required to keep running in a particular state. 
  • The first ever email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, who invented the system.
  • What you see and surf is a small aspect of the Internet. There is an invisible dark web that exists online. 
  • The first website created on the web was, and is still online. It is a basic HTML site, it only contains a few lines of text.
  • You can track how old the Internet is everyday. And as of today 18 June 2022, the Internet is 12151 days old. Click here How old is the internet to track the days.
  • Online dating may seem like a crazy idea to some people, but it largely benefits in generating revenue. 3 years ago, the industry was generating $1 billion dollars every day. 
  • With more websites creating more chances of hacking are there. About 400 million hacking attempts take place each and every single day.
  • As of today June 18, 2022 5 Billion users are live online and of this total 4.45 billion are social media users. 

Interesting right? Celebrate the Internet day by discussing its facts and greatness.

The Strictest Countries On Internet Surveillance:

Due to the loose freedom offered by the web, some governments and countries foist strict policies to control information issued on digital platforms or block websites for users. Technically, Internet suppression is based on certain conditions, so the information passes through filters before spreading on the Internet.

Among the nations that exercise dominance over the Internet are Bahrain, China, Cuba, India, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Vietnam, where governments block the Net from a few sites and social networks, especially those that follow an opposite policy.

The web guides the world of communications, technology and digitization to allow nations to move forward from a traditional life to a modish and smart one. Regardless of all the concerns that are out spreading about the digital world, it is vital to promote experiments and innovations in this field.

International Internet Day
International Internet Day
Why Do We Love Internet Day?
  • It connects us like never before: Many technologies promised to connect the world — the mail service, telegraph, and the telephone, to name a few — but none of them flourished with such scale and speed as the web. A message that once could have taken weeks to receive can now be transmitted across the world in mere moments.
  • It is a Global Equalizer: Thirty years ago, only the world’s wealthiest individuals and institutions had access to a library of information comparable with what’s online today. While it’s still not a completely free process, the price of information access has fallen gravely with the rise of the internet, putting infinite information into the pockets of billions across the globe.
  • Cats, Cats and More Cats: For an apparatus that numerous individuals use so differently, there’s one part of the internet that seems constant: cats. From long cats to Grumpy cats, our feline friends have become quick celebrities on the internet, and as history tells us, we’re always looking for a new hero. The net delivers every day!
Activities That We Should Do!
  • Mix Up Your Passwords: It may seem like a tedious way to celebrate, but the next time a colossus bank gets hacked, you’ll be able to rest just a tad easier. Hopefully.
  • Make Your Own Memes: Whether you’re a Photoshop wiz, or a computer person, making a meme is easy. Search for a comical picture that you’d like to explain (or start with a classic meme image), and get creative.
  • Unplug! Just For a Day: You wouldn’t provoke from pizza on National Pizza Day, so why unplug from the web on National net Day? Well, because we can! Most of us use the web each and every day, and it can be easy to forget how much we depend on it. By taking a day off, we can cherish the offline world as well.

The web has become a crucial aspect of our daily life. We could hardly imagine our life without the internet. The scope and essence of the internet are so huge that it has become a magic that we cannot avoid using.

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