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Know 7 Timing Gears

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What is timing gears

What is timing gears- It is a helical type of gear it’s angle is (21′) , which set the timing in a vehicle, Gear. Other work of these gear is to control the open and closing of values. Their is chain type structure in which all the gears connect with each other to rotate each other .The main gear which rotate all the gears is connects with a piston .

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Different types of gears

1.Idler gear

2.FIP (Fuel Injection Pump) gear



5.OPD (Oil Pump Drive)

6.PS (power steering)

According to their name their work is different from each other .

1.What is Idler gear-

1 : Defined as the gear placed between the input and also output shafts (between the drive gear and the driven gear). 

2.What is FIP gear-

2-The pump also controls the amount of fuel needed to gain the desired power.

3-Accurately supplied fuel maintains a rhythm or timing that as well as keeps the engine running smoothly.

3.What is Crank

1-It is a mechanism for transformation of one type of motion into another type.

2-It has a rotating element in the form of a crank or crankshaft attached to a shank and another element by rotating kinematic pairs (hinges).

4. What is Cam

1-The position of the camshaft relative to piston position.

2-A cam gear is a gear on the camshaft that opens and closes the exhaust and intake valves.

5. What is OPD

1-Generally driven by the crankshaft, pumps can be driven by the camshaft or balance shaft to reduce pump speed.

2-Oil pumps are gear driven from crank or camshaft but can occasionally be driven by an external belt or chain.

6- What is PS

1-A power steering is an mechanical device on an vehicle that can also helps drivers to steer in the vehicle by augmenting steering effort need to turn the steering wheel, to making it easier for the vehicle to turn over manoeuvre at lower speeds.

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