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Introduction- An automotive scan tool ( scanner) is an electronic tool, Scan_tool_(automotive) use to interface with diagnose, and sometimes reprogram vehicle also control module. The scan tool is also connect to the vehicle’s data link connector (DLC), depending on the particular tool. It also may only read out diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s), or have more capabilities like display live data stream.

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Main Contents

1-Need of Scan Tool



4-Adventage or disadvantage

1-Needs of This Tool

1-Help to regulate vehicle use.

2-It helps with the keeping of clear air.

3-It help to reduce the time and cost of repair.

4-It brought uniformity.

5-For safety purpose it’s use .

2-Types of SCAN TOOL

1-CODE READERS- code readers are use to provide but a brief description and are able to used bilingually.

2-BATTERY AND ELECTRICAL SCAN TOOL-these are able to dig a bit deeper, into the vehicle’s system and return more info.

3-DIAGNOSTIC CAMERAS-That are mostly use for hard-to-reach areas of the vehicle.

4-DIGITAL MULTIMETER- Used for gather overall ‘snapshot ‘of vehicle information.

5-OBD SCANNER- an OBD scanner or “on board diagnostic” tool is also standardize system use for, self diagnostic and reporting.

On-Board diagnostic Tool

*On board diagnostic tools, formed to reduce case of emissions.

*One of the most prominent parts in most modern, OBD is the engine computer system.

*The on-board diagnostic scan tool, are seen as being a must plug devices which need to be connect to the engine, for an effective scan program.

*The OBD scan tool are well coordinate, to give the user some intended results.

3-Working of OBD scan tool

*It is also the use of light, to send warning signals to the driver or the concern . It’s intensity is also usually to dictate, what action should the technician is bound to take .

*When connect to DLC . it read code and give information to ECU, ECU give command to system .

4-Adventage or disadvantage

Advantage- *Disadvantages-

*Efficiency *Updatability problems

*Cost effectiveness *Cost

*Durability * use

*Wider compatibility

  • If your vehicle have to repair or checked, in also automobile repair shopsa more expensive, to the check-up or repair yourself.
  • This can solve miner issue.

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