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Gratitude Day

World’s Gratitude Day

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World gratitude day is oncoming and if ever the world needed the curative power of gratitude, that time is now. Gratitude lifts us up, freshens our spirit, and gives us a renewed resolve to meet the unequalled challenges we are facing today. 

Gratitude “combines people together and makes a symbiotic relationship. There are lessons for leadership that a small piece of positive augmentation can change a life. The gratitude movement is taking over.”

Gratitude Day
Gratitude Day

What is World Gratitude Day?

It was 1965,  at a Thanksgiving Day dinner in the meditation room of the United Nations building, that the idea of World Gratitude Day first came into being. Spiritual and meditation leader Sri Chinmoy suggested there should be a day of thanks so the whole world could celebrate it together. Those who were present at the meeting pledged that each year on September 21 they would hold a celebration of gratitude in their country.

In 1977, during a special ceremony that honoured Sri, a resolution passed that would officially recognize World Gratitude Day. Since then, this yearly observance has grown to become an energetic, worldwide movement.

How Do We Celebrate World Gratitude?

How you observe the day is limited only by your imagination. Few people write thank you notes to those whom they appreciate. Some create a point of having “gratitude dinners” with family members or friends. And others start a gratitude gazette in which they record what they’re grateful for. One creative parent even came up with the Alphabet Gratitude Game. 

For many people, the day is a moment to give back on the blessings that make them grateful. Last year my best friend marked World Gratitude Day by celebrating her parents. In her post, she shared the story of her parents’ journey from the undeveloped state of Bihar in India to the United States, where she and her sisters grew up with privileges, opportunities, and a developed infrastructure.

“I’m grateful for my parents as each and every attainment, every victory, and every success I achieve I owe to them,” she wrote. “My parents endangered it all, just so we could have it all.”

In the same essence, being grateful for all you have is an extremely meaningful time to help those in need. Some individuals mark World Gratitude Day with volunteer attempts. Other people make a donation to a worthy cause.

Of course, World Gratitude Day is also a wonderful time to show gratitude to your colleagues or friends and the people you work with through social Recognition. After all, the more gratitude in a house or place where you work, the better it performs. The data shows it, over and over again. Gratitude makes people feel acknowledged for who they are and what they do, influencing and empowering them to do the bestest work of their lives. 

Who or what are you grateful for? World Gratitude Day is your opportunity to connect with the global community and participate in the positive energy we so hopelessly need in these times.

What is the Meaning of World Gratitude Day?

World Gratitude Day, means “the ultimate performance enhancing substance”,“When it comes to gratitude, you literally cannot overplay its hand.” 

It’s the same meaning that operates the expedition of World Gratitude Day – a day to celebrate the good that is gratitude. It recognizes the transformative power gratitude has to heal, energise, change lives, and drive cultural change in the workplace. 

As mentioned above, the true meaning of World Gratitude Day is about offering as well as receiving. That’s not surprising at all, since research has shown that giving gratitude produces positive feelings in the giver as well as the devisee. 

To restate workhuman co-founder and CEO Eric Mosley: “Giving Recognition is an instant of gratitude, it influences how we think for the rest of that day. Gratitude changes the giver and has a more intense impact.”

Perhaps, Dr. Emmons best put it all in the meaning of World Gratitude Day when he states that gratitude is “a celebration of the good and a recognition that this good is sourced outside the self. It’s the greatest of goodness.”

Why is Gratitude Extremely Powerful?

We can research it. We can analyse its impact. But when it comes to apprehension why gratitude is so powerful, it begins with the heart. “Gratitude is a heart-centred emotion. You need to pause and feel it. You need to remember the person, their actions, how they make you feel, and how you valued those actions. Gratitude offers that we each recognize our vulnerability in others. Gratitude requires modesty and vulnerability.” 

From a  business outlook, gratitude has likewise been shown to be a significant force in difficult times. “What companies need are always plans or ideas with verifiable ROI that support the culture, the business, and the employees who continue to overtop in their roles, despite the unreliability”.

There are also several proven benefits of gratitude, including building connections at work, cultivating teamwork, reducing stress, and boosting employee retention. 

“The future of work is human” based on a survey of more than 3,500 full-time workers in the US, Canada, UK revealed the power of gratitude fostered by recognition to overcome stress. It states studies supporting the idea that “gratitude can be a prime key to building flexibility and buffering against stress.” 

Gratitude Day
Gratitude Day
Benefits of Gratitude:

There are numerous benefits of Gratitude for individuals and organisations.

1. Gratitude builds connection at work: Grateful people are more likely to behave in a way that is positive, helpful, and intended to promote social connections. People high on gratitude are less naturally able to react to negative feedback with negativity. When gratitude is an aspect of the culture, then developing, growing and learning through positive feedback becomes 2nd nature.

2. Gratitude cultivates Teamwork: People who have an attitude of gratitude do not become resentful and tend to appreciate others accomplishments. In a team environment, this means increased cooperation, reduced rivalry, and an increase in trust.

3. Gratitude Reduces Stress: When we express gratitude, our brain is flooded with a chemical called dopamine, which gives us a natural high. Also, when people express gratitude, cortef, the stress hormone, is decreased. When stress is decreased, we are more productively able to bring our best selves to work, create an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, and revolution.

4. Gratitude Reduces Turnover: Research also tells us that fostering gratitude can reduce turnover intention and lead to positive organisational outcomes. It can also assist in “eliminating the toxic workshop or place emotions, attitudes, and gloomy emotions, such as envy, anger, and avidity in today’s highly competitive work environment.”

How do you Express Gratitude?

Gratitude manifests itself in a number of ways. As mentioned above, it can be expressed through a present, a note, a visit, a kind and comforting word, or an act of charity. Or even a child’s game. What each and every expression has in general is that it comes from a place of sincerity, sympathy, and caring.

World Gratitude Day in Pandemic:

Our ongoing challenges bring a powerful sorrow to this year’s monitoring of World Gratitude Day. I hope you will take this year’s World Gratitude Day to be thankful for your own blessings and  show gratitude to those around you. 

Write down what you feel along with instances of how they or that particular person have made a difference to you. It will improve your happiness or welfare, reduce your stress, and increase your connection to others. It will make the recipient of the gratitude feel inspired, cherished, and valued. To know more about world gratitude day and what exactly the deep meaning of gratitude is CLICK HERE.


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