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earn money from Facebook

10 best ways to earn money from Facebook

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If you are a Facebook user and want to earn cash from Facebook. So here is the complete guide about how to earn money from Facebook. Today, here I am sharing the best ways to earn money on Facebook.

Earn Money From Facebook

How to earn money from Facebook?

Nowadays, every person uses Facebook. But they don’t know that they can earn money from facebook. Number of ways to earn money from Facebook, you can earn money in a few minutes from facebook, the world leader of social media platforms by using several ways. The platform is an enormous player in the advertisement market and earns a considerable amount by publishing advertisements online. 

Facebook plays more than just the 1 role of a social media platform. It is a source of news for many and for some, it is simply a way to increase and reach out to relevant target audiences with more ease and flexibility. The platform is one of the leading places to earn money and reach out to customers with a more personal touch. If you are searching and want to earn money from Facebook, this article is just for you. 

1. Earn Money From Facebook Page 

Here is the 1st and best way to earn money online from facebook. There are numerous ways to earn money from facebook pages. Yes, you can earn money on your Facebook page. If you have a big page with a number of followers you can make it, and it’s an easy task for you. But if you do not have any pages then also there is no problem. You can start a facebook page today to earn from them. 

earn money from Facebook
Earn Money from Facebook

Earn from Facebook in Stream Ads

Facebook in stream Ads is the first way to earn money from facebook pages. If you don’t know about stream Ads then don’t worry. It’s the same as the youtube Ads. you know when you are watching videos on youtube there’ a lot Ads in between. Facebook in stream Ads is just like a youtube ads. Here on facebook you can monetize your facebook page. 

But here is the next question that comes to mind…..

How to Enable Facebook page Monetization?

So for enabling facebook page monetization you require a big facebook page. You need 10k followers on your facebook page and need 30k minutes watch time in the last 60 days. It means you need to post videos on facebook pages. Yes, you are right, you will earn from videos not pictures. You need to upload a video with length at least 3 minutes. When you have 10k followers and 30k minutes of watch time then, you can easily enable monetization on your facebook page and start earning money from facebook.  

You can read facebook policy about stream Ads by clicking on this link –

2. Earn Money from Facebook Instant Articles 

Instant articles is the second way to earn money from a facebook page. If you have a site and a good facebook Page. Then you are required to ratify your website on your facebook page and need to share website articles on FB page.When it’s approved then facebook shows ads on your website and FB page. When facebook displays ads then you can earn a Good amount from your facebook and website. If you have excellent facebook pages and groups then you can also earn. You can set up google adsense ads on your website and you will send your pages and groups traffic on your website and earn.

3. Earn Money as a Facebook Manager 

Yes, you can earn hard cash from facebook as a manager. If you have knowledge about facebook, you can manage facebook pages, accounts and groups. You can earn as a social media manager with freelancing. 

If you do not know what is freelancing then you can click on this link to know more about freelancing click Here You need to handle other people’s facebook pages, groups, accounts and they will pay you for doing this job. In this job you just need to create content and upload on page, and need to reply to people ‘s comments and messages. Overall it totally depends on you how much amount you want to charge for this job, so this is a very easy way to earn from Facebook.

4. Earn money from Facebook Marketing 

Facebook marketing is the best way to earn money online. Today’s facebook marketing is trending. Every company wants to promote their products so they use facebook and run products Ads for marketing. You need to have knowledge about facebook marketing, how to run Ads on facebook, but it’s not hard to learn. If you have facebook marketing knowledge then you can easily earn money through freelancing. Many clients don’t know how to run Ads on facebook, what Ads are best. So you can help clients and earn money from facebook marketing easily. 

5. Earn Money from Facebook Graphics 

Graphic designing is a good way to earn money online. If you have these skills you can easily earn money by doing facebook graphic services through freelancing or through facebook. In facebook graphics, you need to learn graphic designing like how to design facebook covers, how to design facebook Ads, Etc. you can share your work on facebook and can find clients easily through facebook. Also you can do a facebook graphics job as a freelancer on a Facebook.

6. Earn from Facebook Shop 

If you don’t know about facebook, it’s a new option on facebook. If you know how to create a facebook shop then, you can sell this service to other people. Because many people don’t know how to create a facebook shop and sell products. so, you can help people to create a shop on facebook and earn through facebook shop. Also you can sell your products through facebook shops and earn money.

Sell on facebook shop in just 3 steps

The 1st step to selling items on facebook shops is to become the admin of your business page. Then, add your items, and devour through and agree to facebook’s merchant terms. If you already have a facebook page shop, this is a simple 3 step process. 

How does a Facebook shop work?

Facebook shop is an extra feature that is currently being rolled out by facebook to make existing facebook page shops more shoppable. Facebook gives you a ‘storefront’, so you can make it look more like your own site, rather than a facebook page. As with a facebook shop, customers can check out directly with facebook, rather than be redirected to the business website. 

To get started with facebook shop, you will need:

  1. A facebook page shop 
  2. A notification/Email from facebook that the facebook shops feature is obtainable for your store.

To set up a Facebook page shop, you will need to:

 Be an admin of your business page.

2. Be selling physical products.

3. Agree to Facebook merchant terms.

What about Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook marketplace is a great alternative to setting up a facebook store if you are just looking to sell on a few items you don’t need anymore.  

How to enable Facebook shop in 3 steps :

  1. Set up an account with facebook’s commerce manager 
  2. Create a collection
  3. Customize your storefront
  4. Publish your shop

7. Earn Money from Facebook E Commerce Store 

It’s a big  way to make money from Facebook. If have your own  product like shirts or anything then you can make a business 

Page on Facebook. You need to create a shop for your product and need to run Facebook ads, that’s called Facebook marketing. You can run ads of your products through Facebook marketing and sell your product on Facebook and make money. Also you can do affiliate marketing through this method.

8. Earn Through Sponsorship

If you are famous on facebook or you have an excellent facebook page, then you can earn through sponsorship. People may contact you for promoting their products on your facebook page or account.

You can promote other companies’ products on your facebook account and get paid for this work. For example – you can promote online courses, beauty and other more types of products, marketing tools, web hosting or anything else and earn money from facebook easily from your comfort zone. 

9. Writing an Alluring Facebook post

You can write a post for selling your commodity to your current facebook friends. You can also include the image of the item. Share that post with your peer, so that it can further be shared by your friends on their facebook page. You can also ply messenger and follow up must be done through it. Along with posting it with your facebook wall, also share the same post to your friends and groups on messenger. Keep a regular follow up and scrutinise if anyone responds. This lets you stay in touch with latent customers.

10. Selling your Old Facebook Account 

You always have an opportunity to earn money by selling your facebook account. However, there was a time when people used to make more than 1 account. Those people used to sell their old accounts to marketers who need the old account, as the marketers have an advantage of using those accounts for promotional purposes. Likewise, you can also sell the old facebook page or a group and you will be paid as per the contacts and numbers of the fan base linked to it. 

Earn Money from Facebook


These are all the Top and Best ways to earn money from Facebook. click here.

I hope it’s helpful for you.

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