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Tips to grow on social media


Nearly all internet marketing methods revolve around establishing a social platform following. Social media, after all, provides the ideal digital platform for engaging with a relevant audience and spreading brand awareness.

Social media provides the ideal venue for sharing original material in real-time, such as blog entries and company news, that is in line with the values and preferences of your audience.

But how can you attract new users to follow and like your social platform pages? It needs a customized account engagement strategy, along with industry knowledge and technological expertise, to grow a social media following organically in a congested digital environment. Our social media team offers some of their best advice on how to increase your company’s social media following.

Social platform used to be purely entertaining to use. However, social media is now (and has been for a while) a branding and marketing strategy that every company should be utilising. You could believe that you need to employ a millennial influencer with more than 10,000 followers in order to successfully manage your account. However, anyone can produce engaging social media material and build a significant audience.

Grow on social media

Top tips to grow faster

Create A Powerful Brand Identity

You should still have a consistent brand identity whether your brand is an officially recognized firm or personal one. Adding a logo to your profile image and calling it a day is far from the end of it. Every post you make should reflect the identity of your company. Choose your main color palette, graphic designs, tone, and other elements. Your brand’s voice should be reflected in everything you post and comment on. Identifiable brands appeal to consumers.

Take Splat Hair Dye as an illustration. It makes sense that bold, brilliant colors would be an important component of their branding as this brand is all about color. Their bio’s unicorn and rainbow emojis quickly give you a sense of how whimsical and joyful they are.

Content for Each Channel Should Be Predetermined

Every social platform uses a different kind of messaging. Twitter is fantastic for swiftly sharing live material and getting news updates. However, you might not necessarily post everything you tweet on LinkedIn. As a general guideline, consider the following when selecting what to publish on various channels:

Twitter: Blog posts, articles written by outside contributors, business outings, culture events, product and software launches, guides, and industry news, statistics, and updates.

Facebook: You may definitely publish your blog posts, how-to articles, and exclusive promotions here, but material that focuses on individuals typically does the best. Showcase your team’s culture and the culture of your business on Facebook, including any special events and get-togethers.

LinkedIn: Since this is a business-oriented social media site, limit your material to topics that pertain to your industry. Infographics and photos can be creatively used, but you should focus on sharing gated content, job openings, product promotions, and educational content.

Instagram: The visual is king on this site. Post your most original work here, along with images of your team and the office. To publish written content on Instagram in a way that is appropriate for the medium, try using your creativity to put together photos for your written pieces.

Add a link to your website from your profile

Connect your website to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social network accounts. Just like you should link to your profiles on your website, you should link to your website so that people can readily discover more about your business.

Develop a unified social media strategy.

Make sure each social media platform you use has a purpose before you join it. By creating a marketing calendar, you can be sure of this. Don’t forget to include this calendar with all of your upcoming events, blog entries, and other business-related activities. This will assist you in remaining organized and gaining an understanding of how each of your social media accounts may open up new markets for your company.

Actively Interact With Your Fans

You probably won’t go on another date if you spend the entire dinner talking about yourself without allowing your date a chance to contribute anything to the conversation.

The same principle applies to social media.

Invite relationships and dialogues rather than using your accounts as constant advertising platforms. Respond to comments on your posts and promote sincere debate.

Optimize your hashtags

On social media sites like instagram, twitter, tiktok, and linkedin, utilize pertinent hashtags to make your profile and postings visible to people in your target demographic. This will increase the number of people who follow you on social media.

you need to choose hashtags that members of your target audience are more likely to check on instagram, twitter, and tiktok. The likelihood of these persons following your account will increase if a pertinent connection is made. It’s preferable to utilize a range of hashtags, from smaller, more specialized hashtags to larger, more popular hashtags. Prevent using spammy, too generic hashtags like #love or #holiday, and constantly mix up your hashtags to avoid getting shadow banned.

Make and Share content

Your social media strategy will have the essential fuel if you have a plan for creating content and a content marketing strategy. To effortlessly distribute relevant, worthwhile, and instructional information with your followers, you need a content bank. This not only upholds your standing as a trustworthy source for your audience but also contributes to the development of your trustworthiness.

Once you’ve produced enough material, you may use a social media calendar and social publishing tools to design your social media strategy. In the long run, this will save you a tone of time and ensure that you’re getting the most out of the material you’re producing by properly distributing it.

Market Across All of Your Social Media And Marketing Platforms

Are you making the most of every chance to connect with your audiences? Your website and newsletter should at the very least include links to your social media accounts.

You might also think about spreading the word about one platform on another. An example might be a tweet urging individuals to follow and make use of a unique hashtag you made for an event on Instagram.

The plan should include your customer service team.

Customer complaints are undoubtedly attracted by a strong social media presence. According to the Wall Street Journal, 43 percent of customers with concerns will have contacted a company via live chat, email, or social media in 2020, up from only 12 percent in 2017. And of those dissatisfied consumers, 55% of those who complained on social media got no response.

Your response will be closely examined because these unfavorable remarks are being put on a public platform. The way you treat your current clients will be observed by potential customers.

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