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UPI 123 Pay: Transfer Money Without Internet

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) launched the UPI 123 Pay to provide the service of UPI payment to those with feature phones. RBI along with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) launched this service on March 9, 2022 to allow one to make payments without internet. RBI has also stated that there are more than 40 crore people who are using feature phones and are not in connect with the internet.

What is UPI 123 Pay?

UPI 123 Pay is a new feature introduced in the services of Unified Payments Interface (UPI) which can even allow the ones who do not own a smartphone to transfer money. With this feature, one can make payments through various methods. This feature enables the account holders with even the feature phones to make payments easily and instantly.

UPI is a mobile platform which helps its users to instantly transfer money from one account to another account in no time. It is a quick payment system which can hold multiple accounts on a single platform also.

Who can use UPI 123 Pay?

It is obviously clear now that anybody with even a feature phone can use this service. But this service is not limited to them only, the smartphone user are also allowed to use this helpful service. The only prerequisite is to have your mobile number connected to your bank account.

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Also any bank account holder can use these services. Many bank accounts are now connected with their user’s mobile numbers. So it would be great for you to connect your phone number with your account to avail these instant services.

How to get started with UPI 123 Pay?

Following are the steps to set up the UPI 123 Pay services in your mobile phone. For this you should obviously have your phone which has the same mobile number which is registered with your account. Now follow these steps to get started with it:

  1. mobile number registered with your bank account. 08045163666this number with your phone.
    (Another number is 08045163666 on which you can call. You also have to remember the number to make payments in future.)
  2. Now as soon as the call connects, you will hear a recorded voice which will ask your bank account number along with bank name to confirm it. You can either type or even speak your bank account number as the call will be back by automated Interactive Voice Response technology.
  3. Now, you should have your ATM card with you also to proceed. Now you have to dial the 16 – digit number printed on the ATM card. It will be confirm then and it also secure.
  4. And then you will be ask to set up a UPI PIN number (which you have to remember for future in order to make payments). After this your password for making UPI payments is set now!

This set up is to be done one time only for a bank account number. After setting up your password, a menu will appear on the screen from which you can select the option you want to proceed with.

How to use UPI 123 Pay?

As soon as you are done with setting up your UPI 123 Pay you can make payments easily whenever you want. Just follow up these steps to make payments instantly, easily and securely:

  1. Call 08045163666 on this with your mobile number registered with your bank account. If your UPI PIN number is already set by you then go on with the following steps else you can refer the steps in previous heading.
    (Another number is 08045163581on which you can call. You also have to remember the number to make payments in future.)
  2. Now a menu will appear and you can select any option you want but to transfer money go ahead with Money Transfer option which is the first one. Press ‘1’.
  3. Then you will be ask to which person you have to transfer the money. You can simply select their mobile number in your contact list or you can dial the mobile number. It is necessary that the other person’s mobile number is also connect to their account.
    (If the other person’s mobile number is not connect with their account number; you will be given an option to directly dial their bank account number.)
  4. Now to confirm the payment transfer you have to enter your UPI PIN number which you have already set up.

Now, you will get a confirmation SMS of the amount debit securely from your account. And you are done with the money transfer. This is the IVR payment technology back payments system.

Different Methods to Make payments from UPI 123 Pay

There are other ways also from which you can make payments even through the feature phone or any phone. Those ways are:

  • App based Payment: There are some feature phones and smart phones which have can have the apps installed in them. In this app, you don’t have to call a number just type the mobile number you have to send money to and transfer it just as the steps above.
  • Missed Call Pay: In this method, you just have to dial the number on which you have to send money, then there will be a confirmation. Make payment in the same and secure way as above.
  • Sound-Based device payment: Very simple method, you just have to get your near the sound device for payment and your mobile will automatically recognize it. Then select the option of money transfer and then enter UPI PIN to send money.

UPI 123 Pay Helpline Number

If you are also in a fear that something bad might happen when you will make payments through the phone. It can be risky for a person not aware about the technology also. There can be cheating or payment to a wrong person can happen. Or simply your services are not working. But those are what the help-lines number are for.

In such a case to take help for the services of UPI 123 Pay a number is also provided by the government known as Digi Saathi. You can call on this number anytime to get help from the government. Digi Saathi (toll- free) numbers:

  • UPI 123 Pay Helpline Number
  • UPI 123 Pay Helpline Number -18008913333

You can also chat on for 24×7 help.

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