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Airbags- Safety on road

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What are Airbags?

An airbag is a safety device, which is a design to protect the people in car in case of an accident. In today’s life a lot of people seem like they do not care about their safety. On a daily basis, there are many reports of accidents in India. It is the basic protection offer by the seat. The mechanism behind this is a chemical reaction as well as there are sensors which actuate the process of inflation of the airbags.

In easy words, airbag is a device of protection while driving a car which open up the instant your cars hit something and the sensors sense it. They are place in the interior of a car to save the drivers and others in the car also, usually the front seat.

From April 2019, the Government of India has made it mandatory for all cars sold in the country to have airbag in them as a safety measure. In America and other European countries, it was a standard to have the airbag equipped cars in the ‘90s. It was also taken as a note that before the arrival of airbag; there used to many accidents which harmed its passengers. But after the arrival of airbag the death rates by cars were low. The international interest towards the safety of cars and themselves as well led to the success of the airbags also.
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Types of Airbags according to their function

There are different types of airbags which have been develop that provides safety to the passenger in different forms. It focuses to protect all major parts of the passengers, when the accident actually occurs. There are many types of airbags, which are in use for modern vehicle protection measures. These are as follows:-

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 There are many types of airbags , which are use in modern vehicle to provide protection . They must be used in conjunction with seatbelts in order to be effective.
types of airbags
Side Airbags

Side airbags have further divisions also which are in the use commonly nowadays which are ‘side-torso’ airbags and ‘side-curtain’ airbags. Most of the vehicles contain both these airbags. These are install besides the driver’s seat or the door panel both in the front and rear seats which open the instant they detect any impact of the accident or something huge. They instantly inflate between the door panel and the seat of the person.

Side-impact or side-torso airbags are especially design to protect the person’s lower abdominal and the pelvic region. Side-tubular airbags were in tubular shape which were later quickly replace by the side-curtain airbags. This kind of airbag provide the protection for the head which can be need in the case of a side collision.

Frontal Airbags

This airbag is now nominally place as SRS, which is supplementary restraint system which are designate by auto industry, research and regulatory committees. These are located at the steering wheel and on the dashboard for the passenger’s safety. These are use to protect the injuries on the head and chest during the accident. It is now a common feature in most of the vehicles.

In this system, which integrates the use of seat belts and airbags, the sensors automatically work during an impact. And tighten the seat belt to hold the movement of the person. And airbag provides protection to the front of a person.

RSCA (Rolling – sensing curtain airbags)

It is an another form of the side airbag which are slightly different from the normal curtain airbag. These deploy from the door and roof of the vehicle and also cover a large part of the window. And are inflate across the window in order to save the persons head and upper part of the body from the injury which is cause by broken glass. Also they are made to be deploy for a longer period of time. So that even in the case of the rolling over of the vehicle; they protect the passenger’s head and avoid ejection from the vehicle.

Knee Airbags

These are the airbags, which are install underside of the steering wheels. These efforts have been made to in order to protect the knees and legs of the drivers from the front impact while an accident. Knee airbag became increasingly common since 2000 and are successful in the protection of the passenger’s legs and knees and avoid knee and leg injury.

Seat Cushion Airbags

Seat cushion airbag came into existence in order to protect the passengers pelvic region and to avoid the person from diving further into the lap of the seat while crashing or submarining. They were introduce in the passenger seat first and then in driver’s seat also.

Center Airbags

This kind of airbag are not so common in all vehicles. Most of the vehicle from Toyota Company have such kind of airbags. They can be distinguish into two parts which can be rear-center airbag and front-center airbag. They protect the rear seated passenger to avoid injuries causing from colliding into one another and while side collision also. As per the names the rear-center airbag is provided at the center of the back seats. While front-center airbag is present at the center of the front seats of the cars.

It was first introduced in the cars by General motors which are present at the center between the driver’s and passenger’s seat. In order to protect the persons during the crash and collision. When side impact is very strong from either of the sides, this kind of airbag is very useful.

Seat-belt Airbags

These airbags have been develop by Ford, in order to provide the user more space and protection at the front areas of chest rib-cage and face. The airbag is built in the seat-belts which better distribute the forces experience during a collision or an accident by a person.

Pedestrian Airbags

It is a latest innovation, which has been done by Volvo Company. It is located on the exterior parts of the cars which can be highly useful while a crash collision of the cars with the pedestrians. While a collision, the airbag is automatically deploy which covers the supposed hard areas which can harm the person outside. The sensors sense any kind of hard object like a pole or the car’s bonnet edges and then the automatic airbag deploy itself.

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