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HAPPINESS – A Choice (8 simple ways for happiness)

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What is “Happiness”?

The term ‘happiness’ has a use in a variety of contexts. In the broadest sense, it is a catch-all term for all that is excellent. This choice of words implies that there is just one ultimate good and obscures differences in individual and societal interests.

It also implies that all merits can contribute into a single final scale of worth, which is not true. The term just serves as a catch-all for many definitions of what is excellent. Overall happiness refers to how satisfied an individual is with the overall quality of his or her own life. In other words, how much one enjoys one’s life.

Factors Affecting

Several elements can influence our level of happiness. Let’s have a look at a few of them: In the long run, irregular sleep habits might be harmful to our health. If we want to be productive, we need to get enough sleep. We feel fantastic when we wake up in the morning after a healthy six to eight hours of sleep. An individual happiness is influence by their moral philosophy. She or he must establish a powerful platform for boosting morale. It assists individuals in dealing with stressful situations in their lives. 


Relationships are also important. You will be in a significantly better frame of mind if you are in a healthy relationship with your partner. A sound mind requires a healthy body. When you’re sick or in pain, you’re more likely to be concerned. A healthy person, on the other hand, lives in peace and comfort without having to worry about painful health concerns.

Yoga and exercise


Exercising is the second most important aspect of my happiness. What exactly does this imply? You may find clear evidence of this happy component if you look at the word cloud. I enjoy pushing my body to new limits, and running is one of my favourite activities. In addition, when I have the opportunity, I work out, go on walks, and swim. All of these variables have played a significant role in my happiness. In fact, during the last >7 years, simply running has influenced my pleasure on 468 occasions. It is, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of my happiness!


The importance of happiness component should not be overlook. There have been 78 days in the 2,019 days I’ve looked at where I’ve felt sick, feverish, or unwell. This occurs roughly 4% of the time. I’d like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am to be in pretty decent health. I’ve never been sick and except for a few broken bones, I’ve always been physically fit. I understand that health is a far bigger happiness element for certain people. The issue is, this is just a list of my personal top ten happiness reasons. Health should be significantly higher on the list of happiness criteria for someone who has a severe handicap or other conditions.

Self Love

Make time for good self-care – Spend 30 minutes every morning or evening reading, listening to, or watching something that energizes you, helps you understand yourself and the world, or helps you live a better life. Spend some time doing some mindfulness exercises. This could entail signing up for a weekly yoga class, going for a stroll after work, or downloading a meditation app. I’ve learned to accept myself and who I am through daily meditation and mindfulness exercises, which is a vital part of loving oneself.
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Exercising Forgiveness

Nobody is flawless, and we all make a lot of mistakes. Our missteps teach us valuable lessons. The knowledge you’ll receive will be invaluable. Self-love necessitates self-forgiveness. It’s worth remembering that we don’t have to punish our present and future selves for previous sins. Spend some time loving yourself and forgiving yourself for the faults you’ve made. Self-love is essential for living a better and healthier life in all areas.

I’ve grown to love this version of myself more and more every day because of these five things and many others. It isn’t something that happens overnight. But I’ve been feeling better for the past few months—physically, intellectually, and emotionally. You have the right to be the finest version of yourself. Have a blast! Love yourself enough to get out there and do the things you enjoy. Enjoy them, enjoy who you are, and enjoy your extraordinary existence.

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Happiness to measure

Is it possible to measure Happiness?

Measurement has traditionally been thought of as an ‘objective’ and ‘external’ assessment, similar to a doctor taking your blood pressure. We all know happiness can’t be quantified in that way. Consistent physiological correlate have yet to be uncover and are unlikely to be found in the future. No overt behavior have been prove to be reliably associate with inner happiness.

Happiness, like most other mental states, is also only partially mirror in behavior. Suicidal behavior is more likely to be associate with happiness. Almost everyone who attempts or commits suicide is in a bad mood. However, not everyone who is unhappy resorts to suicide. In truth, only a small percentage of the population does. Because inferring from overt action is impossible, we must rely on questioning. Simply asking individuals how much they like their lives in general. In this scenario, questioning is an appropriate approach to measurement because pleasure is something we think and feel about.

Happiness can only come from within

They are saying that state that true happiness can only be found when one realize that only one can make oneself happy. True happiness can only be found in ourselves; it cannot be found in others. This proverb and its meaning are constantly put into us; but we refuse to comprehend it and put it to good use. We must recognize that happiness is nothing more than a mental state. All of the tangible things we see around us cannot bring us happiness. Only we have the potential to also produce actual happiness through our pleasant feelings, which we can obtain through good thinking.


Happiness is a powerful emotion that affects our daily lives and feelings. Happiness is achievable in a variety of ways. Because we are up to no limits by any circumstances in life, we have the freedom to choose happiness. Happiness-inducing factors are those that lead to emotional well-being. Happiness is influenceable by one’s physical well-being. Everyone gets happiness in their way because they understand what makes them happy and what does not.

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