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World Aids Day (Celebrated on December 1st)

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World Aids Day celebrated on 1st December.


The world observes World AIDS Day per annum on December 1st. Persons from all around the world get together to demonstrate their support for HIV-positive people and memorialize those who have perished from AIDS-related illnesses. Every World AIDS Day has a different subject also this year’s “End Inequalities.” AIDS must be eradicated. Put an end to pandemics but his year’s subject adds to a growing list of worldwide concerns that World AIDS Day has raised awareness of.

AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is also a life-threatening infection. AIDS is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which destroys the human immune system. It has claimed the lives of more than 29% of the world’s population.


World AIDS Day, Also Known As aids day which began in 1988, was the first international day also dedicated to global health. Every year, UN agencies, countries, and also civil society organizations join forces to promote specific HIV-related issues. Activities to raise awareness are also held all over the world. Many people wear a red ribbon, which also serves as a universal symbol of HIV awareness, support, and solidarity. People living with HIV speak out on issues that are important to them. People living with HIV and other civil society organizations working on the AIDS response organize to support and generate finances for the communities they serve.

The present situation of the epidemic is highlight by events. World AIDS Day is as important today because it has always been, reminding individuals and governments that HIV remains a drag. World AIDS Day was originally commemorate on December 1, 1998, and was the first time a worldwide health day was honor. The day provides a chance for people everywhere on the planet to unite within the battle against HIV/AIDS and substitute solidarity with those that live with the disease, also as remember those that have died as a result of it.

The Causes and Spread of AIDS

HIV, or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is the primary cause of AIDS.HIV, or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is the primary explanation for AIDS. The virus is additionally referr to as a retrovirus due to its property and capabilities. WBCs (White Blood Cells), which are part of the Human Immune System also are the host cells in which HIV lives.

WBCs are destroy by HIV, and the human immune system is weaken as a result. The immune system’s deterioration impacts also an individual’s ability to combat diseases in a timely manner. A cut or a wound, for instance, takes much longer to heal or the blood to coagulate.

World Aids Day
Also spread the awareness.

Symptoms of AIDS

HIV reduces the overall system of the physical body by attacking and infecting the WBCs, leaving the infected individual exposed to other sicknesses or minor infections.

The symptoms occur gradually over a period of 0-12 years.

Fever, exhaustion, weight loss, diarrhea, enlarged nodes, yeast infection, and herpes zoster are just a few of the frequent AIDS symptoms. 

Because of their decreased immunity, the infectious individual is susceptible to a variety of unusual diseases, including persistent fever, nocturnal sweating, skin rashes, oral sores, and more.

Treatment and Prevention of AIDS

There is currently no treatment or also cure for AIDS, making it a life-threatening condition. Antiretroviral therapy, or ART, is the best approach to stop it from spreading but according to medical professionals. It is a medication therapy that keeps HIV from multiplying and hence slows the progression of the disease.To prevent immune system damage, it is always best to begin treatment as soon as possible. However, it is only a precaution and does not guarantee that AIDS will be cure.

HIV testing should be done on frequent basis. Before beginning treatment, it is critical for an individual to understand his or her own HIV status as well as that of his or her partner.

It is not advisable to become addicted to illegal substances or narcotics. Needles and razors that have not been sterilize should be avoid. Multiple public awareness campaigns led by the United Nations but local governments, and nonprofit organizations have reduced the danger of AIDS spreading by raising public understanding of the disease’s spread and prevention.


2021    End inequalities End AIDS End pandemics.

2020    Global solidarity, shared responsibility

2019    Communities make the difference

2018    Know your status

2017    My health, my right

2016    Hands up for HIV prevention

2015    On the Fast-Track to end AIDS

2014    Close the gap

2013    Zero discrimination

2012    Together we will end AIDS

2011    Getting to zero

2010    Universal access and human rights

2009    Universal access and human rights

2008    Stop AIDS. Keep the promise—lead, empower, deliver

2007    Stop AIDS. Keep the promise—leadership

2006    Stop AIDS. Keep the promise—accountability

2005    Stop AIDS. Keep the promise

2004    Women, girls, HIV and AIDS

2003    Stigma and discrimination

2002    Stigma and discrimination

2001    I care, do you?

2000    AIDS: men make a difference

1999    Listen, learn, live! World AIDS campaign with also children and young people

1998    Force for change-world AIDS campaign with young people

1997    Children living in a world of where is AIDS

1996    One world, one hope

1995    Shared rights, shared responsibilities

1994    AIDS and the family

1993    Time to act

1992    AIDS—a community commitment

1991    Sharing the challenge

1990    Women and AIDS

1989    Our lives, and our world—let’s take care of each other

1988    A world united against AIDS

Objectives of celebrating World Aids Day

Every year, World AIDS Day is commemorate with the goal of developing new and effective policies and programs to enhance health systems and also increase health sector capacity in the face of HIV and AIDS.

– Provide guidance to member of governments also on how to improve global HIV/AIDS preventive and control measures.

– Raise public awareness about antiretroviral drugs, which can aid in the fight against HIV infection.

– To provide technical assistance to member states in the implementation of an HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment plan, which will include testing, counseling, and antiretroviral therapy, among other things.

– Encourage students from schools and universities to participate in the AIDS awareness campaign.

– Reduce the number of people living with HIV or AIDS.

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World Aids Day.


After being diagnose with AIDS, a person’s life become a live person’s life become living hell after being diagnose with AIDS. It’s not simply the illness that causes it; it’s also the cultural stigma and prejudice that contributes to it. The sensation of not being love or despised acts like a gradual poison.

Though AIDS is a disease that cannot be cure or eradicated from society, the only way to resist it is through prevention and education. We must get frequent and periodic health examinations so that we do not succumb to such severe ailments. Others must be inspire and educated to follow our example.

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