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Holi Wishes and Quotes

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Nowadays everything is becoming digital, so are the wishes of a festival also. It is now important to wish someone online whether through a sweet sms, whatsapp message, whatsapp status or a greeting video, image or through facebook messages. But it is also really important that your wishes attract someone and make your wish look unique. That is why we have made this post on all the Holi wishes and quotes to help you out.

It is also a good thing to make some efforts to wish someone properly. So that your unique wish makes a special place in their mind.

Here are Happy Holi 2020 top 25 wishes, messages and quotes to send to your dear ones on festival of colors. You can also make it in your own way by changing according to your needs.

Holika Dahan wishes or Chhoti Holi Wishes

  1. Happy Chhoti Holi to all!
  2. May all the negativity in your life gets destroyed in this fire of Holika Dahan! Happy Holi!
  3. My heartiest greetings and Warm colourful wishes to everybody on Holi. Happy Holi!
  4. Colours convey a lot pleasure! May the pleasure usually stay on your life! Happy Holi!
  5. May Holi bring colours of love, joy, positivity and prosperity to your life. Let’s have a Safe and Happy Holi!
  6. Wish this Holi of yours become more memorable with joyful experiences! Happy Holi!!
  7. Burn down all the evil and negative inner feelings in this Holika Dahan; let’s begin a more colourful life! Happy Holi!!
  8. Wishing a joyful and colourful festival of Holi to you and your family! Happy Holi!
  9. A very Happy Chhoti Holi to all my family and friends! Have a safe Holi!
  10. Let the gulaal of this Holi fill your life with happiness and amibition! Have a great Holi!
  11. May all these colours enlighten and colour you life in a new way! Happy Chhoti Holi!

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Holi wishes for status and group wishes

The following wishes are for the ones who want to put it on their whatsapp, instagram or facebook status. You can also change or edit them according to your needs. Just copy the following text and put it on your status and you are done! From these, select any of the following you want:

  1. Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous Holi!
  2. May this year’s Holi get you all you want and in your life! Happy Holi guys!
  3. May all your good desires get manifested on this Holi and you live a prosperous life. Happy Holi everyone!
  4. Have a great, fabulous and colourful Holi filled with sweetness of the delicacies of this festival. Happy Holi to all my friends!
  5. A very Happy Holi to you and family, may god fill your life with all the seven colours!!
  6. Let all the seven colours of the rainbow lighten and colour up your life this Holi! Happy Holi everyone!
  7. Let this Holika Dahan take all your negativity and burn it and start a new life with some colours! Happy Holi!
  8. May these colours of Holi bring you all the joy, success, happiness and love from everywhere! Happy Holi all my friends!
  9. A very Happy Holi to all my dearest ones! May you get all the happiness in this Holi!
  10. I wish you a very Blessed Holi this year; may all these colours conveying love and happiness enlighten your life! Happy Holi to all of you!

‘Badi’ Holi wishes

These following wishes are for those looking to wish on the main event of colourful Holi or you can say rangon wali Holi. Badi Holi is also another name. You can use the following type of wishes to send personally as well as to group chats. Or you can also put these on your facebook, instagram, telegram or whatsapp’s statuses to wish everyone, for instance.

Check out the following wishes and copy to send them as it is. Or you can also edit them in your own way!

  1. Aaya hai rangon ka tyohaar,
    chalo manaye holi fir iss baar,
    le aao pakode gujiya thandai,
    Aao sab milke manaye holi ka ye paawan tyohaar!
  2. Let this Holika Dahan take all your negativity and burn it away and start a new life with colors! Happy Holi!
  3. May this Holi bring you many colorful seasons and days in your life filled with happiness and love. A very Happy Holi!
  4. May God give you all the colors of life, joy, happiness, friendship, love and all the other colors you want to paint your life with. I wish you a very happy Holi!
  5. A very happy and colorful holi to all!

More Holi quotes

  1. Let’s celebrate this holi marking a new start, forgetting all previous events and painting the whiteboards of our lives with this colorful festival of love and joy! Happy Holi to you and your family!
  2. Bura na mano Holi haii!! Let’s indulge in playing a safe and colourful Holi!
  3. Warm wishes of Holi to all my friends filled with sweetness of gujiya made with love this Holi! Happy Holi to you and your family!!
  4. May all your good wishes manifest this Holi and you lead a prosperous life. Happy Holi to all !
  5. May this Holi brings you your well being, success, properity, love, happiness and all that you are manifesting for! Happy Holi!!

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