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Vaisakhi-Sikh New Year festival

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What is Vaisakhi – Vaisakhi is celebrate by the Sikhs in all around the world ,Vaisakhi . It is usually celebrate on 13 or 14 April, and also marks the start of the Punjabi New Year. But it’s also a day to celebrate 1699-the time when Sikhism was born as a collaborative faith.

Story behind Vaisakhi-

Guru Gobind Singh ji was only nine when he become the tenth Sikh Guru. After his father , Guru Teg Bahadur. Martyrdom in the hands of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb to cover the Kashmiri Hindus.

As a child Guru Gobind Singh ji learned many languages including Sanskriti, Urdu, Hindi, Braj, Gurmukhi and Persian.

Guru Gobindji’s hometown is the city of Anandpur Sahib , In the present Rupnagar district in Panjab . He left the town due to a scuffle with Bhim Chand and proceeded to Nahan , A place in the hills of Himachal Pradesh .

In september 1688 ,at the age of 19 Guru Govind Singh fought the Battle of Bhangani . Aagainst an allied force of Bhim Chand ,Garwal king Fateh Khan and other local king of the Sivalik Hills . The battle last for a day, and thousands of lives were lost . The Guru came out victorious . A description of the battle, found in Bichitra Natak or Bachittar Natak . A part of the Dasham Granth, which is religious text attribut to Guru Gobind Singh.

On March 30 in 1699,Guru Gobind Singh gathered his followers to his home in Anadpur . He asked for a volunteer to Sacrifice his head for his brother . Daya Ram offered his head after that Guru took him inside tent and come out with a bloody sword . He again asked for a volunteer and repeated again. This went on for three more times At last, Guru emerged from the tent . These five Sikh volunteers are Daya Ram , also known as Bhai Daya Singh; Dharam Das also known as Bhai Dharam Singh ; Himmat Rai, also known as Bhai Himmat Singh; Mohkam Chand ,also known as Bhai Mohkam Singh; and Sahib chand, also known as Bhai Sahid Singh. They were the first Sikhs.

At the gathering of 1699 ,Guru Gobind Singh Founded the Khalsa Vani – “Waheguru ji ka khalsa , Waheguru ji ki fateh”. He named all his followers with the tiltle Singh ,meaning lion .He also founded the principles of Khalsa or the Five’K’s.

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How celebrated-

Vaisakhi is celebrate in the same way as  Gurpurab, or a Guru’s birthday anniversary, with  gurdwaras being decorated and attended by Sikhs who listen to kirtan and religious discourses there. Many Sikhs also choose to be , induct into the Khalsa  order on this day. After the prayers,  Karah Parshad  is then serve to the congregation, and the function ends with a langar, or community lunch. The festival is mark with a nagar kirtan street procession head by a group of Panj Pyare representatives, and music, singing, and chanting scripture are part of the celebration.

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