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Ethical Hacking Tools

Ethical Hacking – Top 10 Popular Tools

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Ethical hacking is a branch of cyber security that the main IT sector uses to safeguard their organisation from illegal hacking. Every sector of the global economy has been branded by automation, and ethical hacking is no exception. The industry has changed as a result of the introduction of numerous ethical hacking techniques.

You can enroll in a hacking course to better your understanding of the ideas needed to have a successful profession if you are new to the area and want to learn more.

What are Ethical Hacking Tools?

With the help of computers programmes and scripts, ethical hacking tools can find weaknesses in computer systems, servers, web applications, and networks.

Numerous open-source and paid tools are on the market and frequently used to stop unauthorized access to computer systems.

 Ethical Hacking Tools
Ethical Hacking Tools

Top Ethical Hacking Tools – 2022

1. Nmap Hacking Tool: In the year 1997, Gordon Lyon developed an open-source programme known as Nmap, which stands for Network Mapper and is mostly used for Network Discovery and Security Auditing. Nmap, one of the top scanning tools for ethical hacking, is compatible with all of the main operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


  • Nmap is employed for auditing in order to locate the target host.
  • A hacking tool Identify new servers.
  • Retrieve DNS and Subdomain information from a host.
  • Locate and utilise network vulnerabilities.

By using Nmap you can: 

  • Audit device security.
  • Detects open ports on remote hosts.
  • Network mapping and enumeration.
  • Find vulnerabilities inside any network. 
  • Launch massive DNS queries against domains and subdomains.

2. Burp Suite Hacking Tool: Dafydd Stuttard, the founder of Portswigger, created the Burp Suite, which is frequently used to verify the security of web applications. The robust capabilities of the Burp Suite hacking tools support both manual and automated testing for effectiveness, and even the most seasoned testers can customise them to their liking.


  • HTTP message editor.
  • Login Sequence Recorder permits the programmed filtering.
  • Survey weakness information with built-in vulnerability management.
  • Automate scan and filter.
  • Effectively present a variety of specialist and reliable reports.
  • Identifies critical vulnerabilities with 100% accuracy.
  • Target Analyzer.
  • Content Discovery.
  • Task Scheduler.
  • CSRF PoC Generator.

3. Netsparker: Ferruh Mavituna, Peter Edgeler, and Mark Lane developed Netsparker, one of the website hacking tools, in 2009. It can automatically detect SQL Injection, XSS, and other vulnerabilities.


  • Proof-Based Scanning Technology helps in vulnerability detection.
  • Custom 404 error pages, URL rules, etc. are all automatically found by Netsparker.
  • REST API should be used consistently with bug tracking programmes, the SDLC, etc.
  • Completely flexible solution. Scan 1,000 web applications in just 24 hours.

4. Acunetix: Acunetix is a fully automated ethical hacking tool that examines single-page applications, javascript, etc. It was created by Ferruh Mavituna, the founder of Netsparx. Through a single, unified view, it can prioritize the risk and audit complicated, authorised online apps.


  • Scans for all variants of SQL Injection, XSS, and 4500+ vulnerabilities.
  • discovers more than 1200 vulnerabilities in the WordPress core, themes, and plugins.
  • Fast and Scalable – uninterrupted access to thousands of pages.
  • Both an on-premises and cloud solution is available.
  • claims to support the SDLC by integrating with widely used WAFs and issue trackers.

5. Metasploit: Metasploit was founded by H. D. Moore which is mainly used for penetration testing.


  • It is useful for knowing about security vulnerabilities.
  • Helps in penetration testing.
  • Helps in IDS signature development.
  • You can create security testing tools.

6. Aircrack-Ng: One of the reliable ethical hacking tools, Aircrack is mostly used to attack weak wireless connections.


  • De-authentication, phoney access points, etc. are possible areas of emphasis.
  • It supports exporting data to text files.
  • It can check Wi-Fi cards and driver capabilities.
  • To crack WEP keys, FMS and PTW attacks are used.
  • Dictionary attacks are used to crack WPA2-PSK.

7. Ettercap: Ettercap is a cross-platform tool for ethical hacking that is used to examine hosts and networks. With the aid of Ettercap, plugins can be developed.


  • Sniffing of live connections.
  • Content filtering.
  • Active and passive dissection of many protocols.
  • Network and host analysis.
  • Allows creation of custom plugins using Ettercap’s API.

8. John The Ripper: One of the most well-known tools for cracking passwords is John the Ripper, which was created by the Unix operating system. Because John can automatically identify different password hash types, most pen testers and ethical hackers prefer using it to ensure security.


  • The primary purpose of John the Ripper is to evaluate encrypted passwords.
  • It performs dictionary attacks.
  • It provides various password crackers in one package.
  • It provides a customizable cracker.

9. Wireshark: Gerald Combs, The founder started making “Wireshark” because he needed a tool for tracking network issues (previously known as Ethereal). This tool supports deep protocol inspection and packet analysis for numerous protocols.


  • Wireshark can decompress the gzip files.
  • Protocols for instance IPsec, ISAKMP, etc can be decrypted by Wireshark.
  • It can perform live capture and offline analysis.
  • Utilizing either the GUI or TTY-mode of the TShark tool, Wireshark gathers network data.

10. Angry IP Scanner: This ethical hacking tool is open-source and cross-platform, and it often assists in port & IP address scanning.


  • This is a free and open-source hack tool.
  • Random or file in any format.
  • Exports result in many formats.
  • Extensible with many data fetchers.
  • Provides command-line interface.
  • No need for Installation.

Since technology has advanced, the great majority of organisations choose ethical hacking to safeguard their operations. Top ten ethical hacking tools for 2022 are those that are listed above.

Importance of Ethical Hacking: 

Hacking is crucial for a lot of reasons. Think about the following:

There are various positions available in the current industry for ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is incredibly helpful in organisations for testing security solutions. By using ethical hacking, all systems are made secure and impervious to black hat hackers. Hacking assaults are commonplace these days. Because of this, there is a high demand for ethical hackers.

According to reports, hackers have compromised large systems and major corporations. The Uber website was hacked a while back. As a result, the sensitive data of about 50 million customers was made public. Numerous large corporations, including Google, Yahoo, Instagram, Facebook, and Uber, employ hackers. They attempt to hack the hackers’ systems.

After breaking into the system, they reveal all the points of vulnerability so that the business can repair them. Additionally, several businesses run bug bounty programmes. In this scheme, hackers from all around the world attempt to compromise the company’s website or web. The business will give the hacker a reward if they discover any bugs.

To protect sensitive data from hackers, ethical hacking is performed. It protects your computer from being used as a tool for blackmail by those looking to take advantage of a weakness. A business or organisation can identify security risks and vulnerabilities through ethical hacking.

Governments utilise state-sponsored hacking to thwart intelligence information about how politics or an enemy state may be influenced, among other things. By stopping cyberterrorism and terrorist attacks, ethical hacking can guarantee the safety of the country. Hackers are able to identify potential points of entry and close them before attacks by thinking like an attacker.

Ethical hacking teaches us new skills that are useful in a variety of jobs, including those of software developer, risk manager, quality assurance tester, and network defender.

The trained ethical hackers are a company’s key asset. Ethical hackers can do rapid security tests in both realistic and unrealistic scenarios to verify that software performs as intended.

To eliminate all of the system’s vulnerabilities, ethical hackers create a variety of tools, techniques, and quality assurance testers.

In a company, ethical hacking can show you where your software security is lacking. You can examine your security from the viewpoint of a hacker and correct any irregularities before they affect the success of the business.

 Ethical Hacking Tools
what is Ethical Hacking?

Types of Ethical Hacking: 

1. Web Application hacking: Web hacking is the process of using the visual chrome browser, tampering with the URI, or collaborating with HTTP features not stored in the URI to exploit software over HTTP.

2. System Hacking: Hacktivists use system hacking to access personal computers across a network. IT security professionals can defend against these dangers by employing techniques including packet sniffing, privilege escalation, password cracking, and malicious software development.

3. Web Server Hacking: Real-time online content is produced by a server running application software and databases. In order to steal credentials, pass-codes, and corporate information from the online application, attackers use Glueing, ping flood, port scan, sniffing assaults, and social engineering techniques.

4. Hacking Wireless networks: Because wireless networks transfer data using radio waves, a hacker can simply access the system from either a nearby place. These attackers frequently employ network sniffing in order to find the Identifier and bodge a wireless network.

5. Social engineering: Social engineering is the practice of persuading a group of people to reveal private information. Criminals use eugenics because it is frequently quicker to target your innate dis-trustfulness than it is to learn how to spoof your device.

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