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Personality is crucial in deeper understanding of a person. It serves as the primary way to know a person. In a narrow sense personality refers to the characteristic traits of a person. In the broader sense there are several determinants of personality some of which are: how we project ourselves, our etiquette, the way we perceive things, our approach to certain situations and so on. To sum up, personality is how we live our life that sets us apart. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER

As humans we all have a personality that makes us different from the rest. Alongside, it is noteworthy here to mention the pivotal role it plays in deciding our future. It goes without saying that knowledge provides a base upon which our future rests but it is equally vital to have an outlook that complements our knowledge. Did you know that you could reach heights of success just by pondering over your personality? Channelizing your personality can be tricky but with striking the right balance between your specific areas of priority you can easily direct yourself to success. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER



Grooming personality is an art that most of us need to master. Especially in today’s speedy life where employment opportunities are handful and employees are huge in number. While all of us aim to get a job, we somewhere fail to realize the right approach towards it. Amidst youth unemployment there are also people who are employed but are either unsatisfied with the salary or the kind of job they are doing. In this regard picking the right job that goes well with your personality or the skills you have can be helpful. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER

Skill again is yet another component strengthening your personality. Every job demands some skill and these skills in return decide your salary. “To pay the bills, you gotta have skills” is the new catchphrase explaining the decisive role of skills. The world today is broadening and so is the definition of success. Prosperous are the ones who have a clear vision of what they want with a chalked out plan of the means of getting them. Let us not rule out the possibility of failures but only those who learn from the errors stay ahead in life always. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER


Let us first look around the ways by which one can groom their personality to achieve whatever they want. Considering the situation of India, there’s a general agreement over the fact that people prefer government jobs over the private sector. However, be it public sector or private sector candidates need to possess the personality required. The dilemma of the hour is that people fail to pick the jobs that match their personality. The first step in this regard is of course to have a personality thereafter which one must shortlist all those jobs which have favorable criteria. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER

Also one must not forget that interpersonal skill is something that is desirable in all fields. Often people who possess these skills are successful in both personal and professional lives. Interpersonal skills include a wide variety of skills mainly centering around communication such as questioning, listening and comprehending body language. One who is able to manage these skills are found to be more effective in communicating with colleagues, clients or customers. Several other aspects of this skill include workplace etiquette, social etiquette, meeting etiquette, and communication manners. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER

How we present ourselves makes the actual difference. One can tell a lot about you by your appearance notwithstanding the fact that appearance doesn’t fully express a person’s ability. Nevertheless, in today’s world everybody being busy tends to judge people based on how they present themselves. Be it in a meeting or an interview maintaining balance between all the etiquette can serve very well in the long run. Being on time, being neat, organised, flexible,  polite yet confident, communication ability, leadership qualities, adopting a can-do attitude, and appearing as professional as possible can make a gigantic difference. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER

In addition, it is extremely vital to keep yourself updated with all the latest job opportunities available. If you are a fresher you must never miss any opportunity and apply in any and every job available regardless of the stipends being provided. Sometimes in order to get a breakthrough you need to face small hurdles. Recruiters from renowned companies look for work experience which in case of a fresher in absence. Therefore any job in any firm be it small or big, internship or paid should be applied into. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER

This will not only fetch you work experience but will also boost your CV. Alongside, if one wants to increase his/her chances of being recruited, he/she ought to figure out which field of work opens most job vacancies, which kind of skill (skill based course)  is in demand. As per the records of various leading websites skill based courses (when learned)  increase one’s employment chances by 20-30%. For instance,  in the field of digital marketing, SEO is in need. Those who know the tactics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are being highly paid.  In addition to the above stated specification there are few other areas of personality that require equal attention. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER


Fluency in English exerts an added advantage on your personality. One who is well versed in communicating in English  appears more confident than others. While speaking in English one must try to avoid grammatical errors as much as possible. Grammatical mistakes tend to overshadow all other areas of caliber of a person. To brush up vocabulary one may watch English news, movies, web series, refer to English articles, newspaper, websites etc. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER



For any candidate, be it experienced or a fresher, a resume is imperative. Resume basically sums up your professional life and achievements thereon in a piece of paper. Henceforth, it becomes exquisite to design the resume wisely. An experienced candidate may not be in need of guidance in this regard as much as a fresher. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER

For a fresher it is essential to have a clear idea of what his/her CV should reflect. In order to have that clarity, the fresher must learn how to make a resume thereafter he ought to go through as many CVS as possible and find out the  similarities mentioned in all of them. It is only after analysis and practice that he must submit the final draft of his CV. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER


As humans no one is expected to be perfect. It is obvious and very natural for us to be imperfect in certain areas. However, mostly all of us have fields where we feel ourselves to be strong. It is essential to locate those areas where we feel more confident and keep grooming them equally. For example if you have great leadership qualities you must recognize it and apply for jobs that require leadership skills i.e, administrative assistant, marketing and communication faculty etc. Isn’t it too amazing to have qualities that pay you? – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER


Just like your strengths you may have weaknesses likewise. Some of us have many weaknesses while others have few. Either way it is required to notice them and start working on them. Some of our weaknesses may be the exact same areas that require expertise in all sectors. In such a situation one may end up unemployed and blaming the government for his condition. The solution in contrast rests in your hand and you simply need to step out of your comfort zone, have a positive attitude and start improving yourself. It is not that difficult as it sounds. All you need is to kick-start your life. So buckle up! – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER



A positive attitude is what makes everything change. Even in the worst off situation how you perceive is what determines how composed you are. It becomes even more mandatory for the one who is seeking a job to have a positive attitude mainly because it is one of those areas that’s highly desirable.  People usually tend to be  with those who spread positivity. Put yourself in another’s position. Will you choose to work with a person whose attitude changes with the situation? Positive outlook can not be attained in a day. It requires prolonged practice. Don’t lose hope and keep practicing. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER


In today’s world where the prices of every essential commodity is rising every other day, getting a job that pays well becomes essential. Vacancies may be a handful but with the correct attitude and following the right steps,  getting a job will not seem impossible. All you need is to be consistent and have patience. Every individual is different and so is his personality but to understand the requirements and shaping the personality is crucial. – PERSONALITY SHAPE YOUR CAREER

In addition, you need to have a never ending spirit. Failure is inevitable but to not let that affect us depends upon us. You must learn from your mistakes and strive to improve each day. No one can teach you better than your own mistake. Again everything comes back to having a correct attitude. One needs to be mindful while creating his attitude. Your attitude is what determines your relation with your colleagues, senior, junior in any workplace. To sum up, your personality indeed shapes your career and hence you ought to develop your career wisely if you want to succeed in life. To know more click here:

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