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what is Google Drive?

What is Google Drive 5 Important Facts Must Know

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What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a service for synchronizing and storing files.  Google Drive, which was introduced on April 24, 2012, enables users to share files, synchronize data across devices, and store files in the cloud. For Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS smartphones and tablets in addition to a web interface, Google Drive provides apps with offline functionality. 

The Google Docs Editors office suite, which consists of Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, enables collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more, is included with Google Drive. Google Docs files are preserved on Google Drive after they have been generated and updated.

Through Google One, Google Drive provides users with 15 GB of free storage. Additionally, Google One offers extra premium subscriptions with 100 GB, 200 GB, and 2 TB of storage. Up to 750 GB of files can be uploaded. Individual files and folders can have their privacy settings altered by users, who can also enable user-to-user sharing or make content publicly accessible. 

On the website, users may search for images by identifying their visual components and look for specific files using natural language, such as “find my budget spreadsheet from last December.” All Google-Drive content is kept in one of these three predefined locations: drive, app, Data, Folder, or photographs. Drive space – All user-visible files created or kept in Google Drive are included in the drive space. The disc space contains all uploaded content, including PDFs, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Now how can you see details in Google drive you can view who edited, commented, moved or even shared a file

  • Click View information in Drive’s upper right corner.
  • All of the activities for My Drive are presented under the automatically selected Activity tab. 
  • The specifics for each activity consist of: file or folder that was impacted.
  • Select any item in My Drive to view specific details.
 Google Drive
what is Google Drive?

How to use Google drive? 

There are certain steps to start with: Launch the app. Find the Google-Drive app on your Android device and launch it. Share and organise files can be found under “My Drive.” You can make files or folders available for viewing, editing, and commenting by sharing them. Send documents from Google-Drive. Share Google Drive folders.

Benefits of using Google Drive:

1: An intuitive interface – When you first log in, the screen displays your most recent papers at the top, a list of all of your folders below that, and a straightforward navigation menu to the left that enables you to make a new document.

  • Examine computer-to-computer shared folders
  • Access shared documents from locations other than your own drive.
  • Access recently starred or removed papers.

Additionally, Google-Drive operates rapidly. As long as your internet connection is strong, the cloud-based application won’t lag and will keep up with your keystrokes and mouse operations. Additionally, you can view your overall storage usage at the bottom, and just above that is a location to backup your papers.

2. Compatible with Microsoft Office – Imagine that you are prepared to use Google Drive while your colleagues are still utilizing Microsoft Office. Fortunately, neither of the parties concerned will be impacted. 

In addition to opening Microsoft Word or Excel files in Google Drive, you may also convert Google documents to their Microsoft counterparts. So both you and your coworkers will be able to open and use these files without any issues. And speaking of sharing, Google Drive makes it really simple to do so.

3.  Use a customized link to share your stuff – Each file or folder in Google-Drive has a unique sharing link, and you may control who can access it: You can modify the kind of authorization you grant to anyone using your personalized link by selecting the pencil icon: Various users can each have access to a particular amount of information. 

So, for instance, if your team is using Google Docs to create a content upgrade, everyone on staff can have editing access, while your audience might only view a ‘View Only’ version of the same document.

In addition to protecting the document against accidental changes by someone outside of your firm, this enables your staff to make updates as necessary. Additionally, this is applicable to everyone.

4: Keep pictures, PDFs, movies, and presentations on hand – Files of various sizes and forms can be stored on Google-Drive. You may then decide whether to share these or keep them secure and private in your Drive. You may save email attachments directly to Drive, allowing you to keep crucial files organised and accessible at all times. And this subsequent benefit will ensure their safety.

5: SSL encryption – Google claims that your Drive is secured using the same SSL encryption protocol as Gmail and their other services: I’ll discuss the one disadvantage that is listed under the negatives in a moment. But first, we need to think about a few other benefits.

6: You have many possibilities thanks to apps and templates –

Numerous apps are also compatible with Google-Drive, allowing you to:

1. View PDF files

2. Electronically sign crucial documents

3. Design lesson plans.

4. Change audio files

5. Change files

Google Drive data is stored in the three designated locations: drive, app, Data, Folder, and images are where all stuff in Google Drive is kept. Drive space is made up of all user-visible files that are created or kept in Google Drive. The disc space contains whatever content that the user uploads, including PDFs, Google Docs, Sheets, and presentations.

Many questions arise that Google Drive is safe to use like whenever you upload a file to Google Drive, it is safely kept in one of our top-notch data centers. Both at rest and in transit, data is encrypted. We save this data on your device if you opt to access these files offline.

How long do files stay in Google Drive? How much time do I have before my content is deleted? We’ll try to provide you with enough warning (at least three months) if your account is affected by this policy change before your material might be removed. After 2 years of exceeding your storage limit, your content will be subject to deletion.

How can I see who downloaded the Google drive files? To find out if someone has been downloading or interfering with your Google Drive files, you must first access your history. However, the service merely notifies you that your files have been altered and does not allow you to know who has been viewing them.

 Google Drive
Benefits of using Google Drive

New Update of Google Drive –

Google Drive published a security upgrade in September 2021 that affects some Drive files. Google-Drive files are made more secure by the security update by altering their links to contain a resource key, which could result in some new file access requests.

Keyboard shortcuts for files: 

The latest platform upgrade may be quite beneficial to you if you frequently use Google Drive. You can now use basic keyboard commands like copy, paste, and even cut on Google Drive’s web interface (accessed through a browser).

Any file stored on Google Drive can be transferred easily from one location to another by using these shortcuts. “To copy, cut, and paste files from Google Drive into your Chrome browser, press the standard keyboard commands Ctrl + C (or Command + C on a Mac), Ctrl + X, and Ctrl + V. This allows you to copy one or more files, which saves you time.

Now that these options are available, users can transmit numerous files to various locations on the Drive. For the time being, Google will only support users of the Chrome web browser with shortcut compatibility. In the near future, we anticipate the support list will grow to include other browsers.

All users of Google Workspace and those who have a personal Google account will be able to use the new Google Drive shortcuts support. Users of Google-Drive, who currently rely on mouse clicks to complete tasks, find these shortcuts to be helpful.

The option to utilize Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Shift + V, or to create a shortcut is also available, according to Google, to prevent creating duplicate files. It’s wise of Google to add shortcuts, but restricting them. This is what you need to do in preparation for Google Drive receiving a significant security update that will affect your files.

On September 13 of this year, Google will launch a significant security update for the Google Drive cloud storage system. Making file sharing more secure is the main motivation for this release. In the upcoming days, you should receive more information from Google regarding this upgrade for your account. 

Google cautions that the effects of this security upgrade will be felt strongly in your Drive files, since some of the links used for those files may change and might result in additional file access requests. The majority of people currently see a banner from Drive us discussing this

Updated storage plans & file upload instructions 2022:

Google offers free access to Google-Drive to all of its users. If you use an Android device, you probably already know a lot about Google’s services.

For those who are unfamiliar, Google Drive is a form of online storage that enables users to back up and save information in the cloud. Using any device of their choice, including cell phones, tablets, PCs, iPhones, and iPads, the user can access these files at any time. Google provides 15 GB of free Google Drive storage to all users.

1. On your device, launch the Google Drive app.

2. Access your Google Account.

3. Select the “+” icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

4. Select the upload option from the drop-down menu.

5. Make a choice of the files you wish to upload.

6. Once the files have been uploaded, you can access them using any device of your choice.

Here’s how to increase Cloud storage:

In the event that your allotted 15 GB of free storage is used up, you can buy more space to keep transferring items to Google Drive. Monthly and yearly plans are available to users in India.

Google offers 200 GB of internet for Rs 210 per month and 100 GB of storage space for Rs 130 per month. For Rs 650 per month, Google also offers a plan that gives you 2TB of storage capacity if you need more. Users can also choose from Google’s 5TB, 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB monthly plans, which cost, respectively, Rs. 1,625, Rs. 3,250, Rs. 6,500, and Rs. 9,750.

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