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What is self improvement- 3 tips

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Introduction (What is self improvement)

Introduction (What are self improvement)
Introduction (What are self improvement)

What is self improvement? Hello people ! Today we are going to talk about how we improve ourselves internally and externally. Keep reading to know more about ”What is self improvement”.

We see a lot of people nowadays talk about self improvement or personality development. But how we can achieve this or how we improve ourselves with the available sources around us.

Have you ever wondered how many people talk so confidently in public or bring changes among society? How to start thinking rationally or practically like a matured person.

There are areas of self- improvement like careers, relationships, health, finance but here we are learning about personality growth.

Many questions which come to your mind, we are going to discuss these and provide you guys with the best solution. So let’s get started and I requested to read the entire article. 

Watch till the end to know more about ” What is self improvement”.

1.What is self improvement (What is self improvement)

1.What is self improvement (What are self improvement)
1.What is self improvement (What are self improvement)

What is self improvement? Let’s discuss what actual self improvement is all about, improvement of one’s character, knowledge, status by one’s own efforts. To make ourselves better in any possible way of life. 

So self improvement starts with self awareness and the ability to transform your daily inefficient habits. So , to start with this article one thing you should understand that- STOP LYING TO YOURSELF

If you are seriously interested in improving then, stop lying to yourself, getting serious about the change. Whenever we think ‘we are good, we can even be better, there are many ways to improve but we select the main practical ways for you people.

There is always something that we can improve in ourselves. No matter what degree you are pursuing, self growth is the critical part of your progress and happiness.

The desire to be better and improve yourself in every aspect of life is the best way to get ahead. You can also download some useful apps that will track your growth or sharpen your mind through games or puzzles.

Challenge yourself in every step , asking yourself interesting questions. Be clear with why and how you want. Create an action plan for yourself. Self aware about your surroundings, start grasping the habit of observation. It leads you in a great direction.

2. Practical ways to start improving yourself (What is self improvement)

Practical ways to start improving yourself
Practical ways to start improving yourself

What is self improvement? So here I come up with 8 main ways of improving yourself. Let’s get into them one by one, but before this, you have to understand that these habits will take time to fit into your daily routine, you just have to be patient enough.

Wake up early- waking up early has been acknowledged by many to improve your productivity and quality of your life.

When you wake up early you have enough time to dedicate to self development. Watch till the end to know more about ”What is self improvement”.

Early mornings are difficult but if you are serious about your growth then you have to do it for you, it has its own benefits, it boasts positive health benefits, improves concentration, quality of sleep, long – lasting energy and productivity as well.

Our ancestor said that early to bed and early to rise which is fair and yet important for disciplined life. 

Weekly exercise routine – exercise ugg! Trust me when I am doing or even thinking about exercise, my mind automatically thinks it’s bizarre or I don’t want to do this but this makes my mind unhealthy and filthy. To have a good start of a day ,you have to give some time to external growth as well.

Exercise will keep your mind and body healthy, and also keep away illogical thoughts. I personally suggest,  giving at least  30 min. At starting and gradually increase the timing. It also prevents boredom. You can also join a gym or just do exercise at home.

Read every day – this is the most genuine tip for you guys, the more you read the more you become understanding. Start thinking rationally, start observing these habits developed through reading.

The most successful person can also do this every day. It’s the only way to grow your mindset , start thinking about change of oneself and about society as well.

When you are reading a book,  you will feed your brain with knowledge. Start reading novels or books related to life, mindsets, business. These genres really help you.  

Take up a new course or pick up a new hobby – courses are the great deal for boosting knowledge or adding skills. I recommend some platforms that provide various skills in minimum price i.e.

Udemy, Coursera etc. and beyond your favorite hobbies, try something else that excites you, not necessarily.

Try out going for a solo trip, river rafting, bungee jumping, these are adventures activities apart from these, you can also try indoor activities like Italian cooking, dancing, graphic designing etc. we have plenty of platforms who provide amazing skills.

Identify your blind spots – Blind spots are those areas our eyes are not capable of seeing. Discovering our blind spots helps us to improve those areas as well.

Identify your trigger points, people who annoys you by saying somethings, identify those words and start to overcome or improve them. Acknowledge your flaws, start rectifying them. 

Avoid negative or toxic people – stay away from toxic people , those who never understand you, use you, never appreciate your efforts, try to dodge you , all these people are not good for your mental health.

Stay away from these toxic people.  Instead ,think about people who admire , inspire you , those who identify your qualities , those who bring the best out of you, stay close to these types of people. Ultimately, the mindset is what you are attracted to. 

Build networking – everyone has amazing qualities in them. Don’t just restrict yourself to certain people, try to talk to every person like an intelligent one, try to surround yourself with them , you will see the change in your mindset, communication , body language. 

‘Network is your net worth’, building a network is really important nowadays. Network with experts, these people have the right attitude, skill-set, and know how to do certain things. Gain new insights from them on how you can improve and achieve.

Learn public speaking – public speaking is the greatest fear of all. But public speaking can help you learn how to communicate better , present yourself in front of the people and engage people.

This is the main skill for personal and professional growth. If you have no confidence in communication then start from talking to yourself in front of the mirror, gain some confidence in doing so.

Then record yourself in video and watch your weak points in it and then rectify them. Communication is the key to every growth mindset. Every businessman has amazing communication skills. 

3. Books suggested for self improvement (What is self improvement)

What is self improvement?

-Manual for living by Epictetus

-Atomic habits by James Clear

-The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey

-The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson

You can also search for self help books that will help you in all aspects of life.

These are the books for beginners to start focusing on self growth. You can easily buy them from amazon or flipkart app. Reading these books will help you to gain a growth mindset.

You can also make a TO-DO LIST every morning and start following it accordingly. All these are basic improvements in one’s life , make them habits and start living with them.

In between you can also take some breaks , to enhance your productivity but make sure you are committed with your personal growth.

Well sometimes one should understand that reaching the destination is not really important, what we should focus on the journey.

The path is important, how you create it for yourself, how you enjoy it by being alone in the whole journey.

And the last thing you need to learn is to stop seeking validation from others, you have to keep yourself happy.

Life is a journey, you are the leader of your own life, nobody is going to serve you, you have to serve yourself without even expecting from others. Just start focusing on what you have and what you need in future and work towards your goals and enjoy the process. Trust the timing of life! 

Conclusion (What is self improvement)

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you have come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself”

I am sure you heard this quote and it is absolutely true. So, I concluded that these are the main points one should focus on regarding self growth.

Take baby steps and then gradually increase them, don’t be harsh on yourself, this is the time taken process and the tips we have shared among you guys, will transform your life just trust the process and be consistent on whatever you are doing.

I hope you like the article , please let us know what you’ve learnt from this! Comment below .

Hope you have got complete information about ”What is self improvement.”.
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