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Exams are certain parameters present in one’s life that determine the efficiency of one’s learning ability. Based on one’s performance in the exams, a mark-sheet is provided which in turn speaks about the merit of a student in various institutions. Be it in a job seeking field or an educational institution, marks somehow become a factor of selection. If success is the topmost floor of a building, exams are the stairs leading to success. Exams become imperative especially in the kind of society we live in today that encourages book-based knowledge over any other form. For it is based on these exams that we get to be where we want to be. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS



Exams are extremely crucial in giving direction along with shaping the career we want. They help us in identifying our position in any field and point out the areas of lacking. They also distinguish a bright student from an academically dull student. Having said that, it is important to realize that a person’s ability can not be tested merely on the basis of any one specific parameter. Merit is a multi dimensional concept and those who are average in academics can  be probably good in other fields. –  EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS

Exams make the learning process successful. For the goal of learning is reached only when what is learnt is put into use. According to psychology, memory has three  prime factors:- retention, reproduction and recognition. But some psychologists, namely, Robert S. Wood-worth recognizes “learning” as the first  factor of memory for only what is learned can be retained in mind so as to be reproduced later. This speaks ample of the predominant position learning holds in the field of knowledge. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS

Exams not only facilitate learning but also ensure that the materials of knowledge get imprinted in mind. Besides, had there not been a stage of exam in every field people wouldn’t have considered the education process seriously. This in turn could have impacted  the quality of a country’s population.  In addition, getting good grades motivates you to keep working hard in life. Henceforth, exams should not always be seen as trouble but as an opportunity to overcome your weaknesses. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS


Ever since the concept of exam has come into existence, it has only meant to refer to the process wherein a student studies thereafter appears in a written test format in a room full of other students and teacher(invigilator) checking over fair conduct and efficient exam procedure. This mode of conducting exams is popularly known as offline exams.  Any practice that has been existing for a long time, known to the society, gets recognized and accepted eventually. Once a practice gets societal acceptance, it starts to be perceived as “right”. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS

Since the procedure for conducting exams has always been offline, people find it problematic to deal with recent trends in exam patterns. Living in the cosmopolitan democratic society facilitated by advanced telecommunication it is almost impossible to stay detached from technology of the era. Since the  advent of the wave of globalization(20th C) almost all the fields of technology have seen unimaginable development. The distance between two people has been reduced by cell phones that connect people across boundaries. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS

Inter- regional connectivity has further been improvised by the invention of the internet.  The world is shrinking and is reduced to a mere screen that connects people to people. Internet media has turned the world upside down. Face-timing, chatting, calling, email etc  are a product of this revolution. Although technology has always been vital in nearly all sectors, its need has grown rapidly during the lock down period.  “Social distance” , “work from home” had become the new normal for nearly more than 2 years. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS

In such a scenario where COVID had been testing human patience, necessary activities like studying, working, interactions were switched to online mode. Two years might sound less but some researchers claim that it only takes a month for an act to become a habit. Now that situations are getting better the habit of sticking into online mode for everything seems hard to get rid off. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS



In a world where people are found to be busy mostly, where people choose online interaction over face to face communication, where social distancing as a rule seems to never evaporate, it may seem easier to switch on to online mode of exams.  But the possibility of using unfair means simply to improve the grade sheet can not be ruled out. Here the question arises whether the marks based on online exams will even be having any value?  In fact, are online modes of tests even fair to those who are habituated with getting marks by fair means as those who will be using shortcuts are bound to get better marks. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS

Offline exams on the other hand keeps you glued to the mainstream students. It helps you brush up your learning ability. The chances of wrong conduct in offline exams are relatively quite low as compared to online ones. Hence people are marked solely according to their authentic performance.  Besides, marks gained on hard work boost your CV. Comparing the scope of both would make one tilt towards offline exams. But it should be the prerequisite to understand why there is controversy regarding the same in the first place. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS


Today the preference over the above mentioned mode of exam is perhaps the burning issue. This could be primarily because the transition phase from turbulent scenario(due to covid) to the pre covid scenario may be difficult to cope with for most people. It is unfortunate to see the youth of a country with such a huge youth population choosing to score good over building themselves into a human asset. It is true that the ratio of jobs available does not match with the number of people seeking jobs in our country. As per the reports , unemployment rate in India rose to 7.83%(April)  from 7.60% (March) in 2022. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS

Besides those who are even considered to be employed have a meager salary with which a person can hardly meet ends. Critics of the current education system suggest that government’s stand on this critical issue reveal the perpetuating helplessness. The problem of joblessness is difficult to deal with especially when the country has such a gigantic population.  However, it is of utmost surprise to note that the students themselves are demanding for an online mode of exams.  How ironic it is to note  that these same set of students in turn blame the government for their economic situation. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS

Had they been even a little mindful at the early years of their career, their situation could have been different. Why are people these days so reluctant towards working hard? A country’s strength is determined by its youth. The urge to seek political power is driving our representative democracy to flush the country’s future.  Youth in bulk have been constantly exerting pressure over several state governments to conduct online exams. States in turn have been retaliating by making decisions in their favor ensuring youth political support. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS

Recently, on 23rd of May students from various colleges in Kolkata protested outside Calcutta University just a day after notices informing offline exams were circulated. The students justified their protest with a quite catchy slogan, “when classes were held in zoom, why should we give exams in a room?”. Several online groups are being made to discuss further steps against online exams in various social networking sites to bring like-minded people  together. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS

These students with their witty moves have managed some space in newspaper headlines and gathered some media attention. Nevertheless it becomes imperative to ask as a student of India that what exactly is the kind of image that we are reflecting of our country on a global platform? Besides what kind of a lesson are we impeding in the minds of children who are supposed to be youth some day? The answer may unfold the disguised mentality of our youth. – EXAM IS BEST FOR STUDENTS

The entail of an hour is to initiate a change.  If the rash attitude of students doesn’t change then our country’s future may possibly be dashed.  It is crucial for students to realize the significance of appearing for exams in an organic way because there’s no substitute for handwork. Alongside, it should be our duty to contribute to the betterment of our country. Let us not forget that hard work always pays off.  Besides, our success depends on what our country has to offer us. The strings of our growth coincided with various paradigms of our country’s development. To know about BEST STUDY TIPS FOR FINAL EXAMS, CLICK HERE:

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