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D2M Technology

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D2M Technology – In the coming years, you will be able to watch videos, cricket, movies and other multimedia content directly on your smartphones, without net connection. This will be possible through Direct-to-Mobile, which is D2M broadcasting technology.

The nation’s public service broadcaster Prasar Bharati and the Department of Telecommunications, or DoT, are collaborating on this. DoT had partnered with IIT Kanpur last year for testing this technology. DoT has also constituted a committee for this.

Importance Of Technology:

No one can escape the absolute prerequisite of technology in our daily lives. Each of us is so laboriously dependent on technology that we can not do any task easily without it. 

Technology is predominant because it is used in all the areas of our life. When you contemplate your daily routine and count all the technology gadgets you consume in just one day, you will realise how important technology is when you use mobile phones, watch TV, drive a car, and use a computer or any electrical machine. 

In reality, everyday people depend on technology, whether for communication, transportation, or searching for any type of information or even entertainment. As a result of the revolution in space technology, humans have also visited the moon. Technology can not only help you with the present tasks but also bring the future closer. Hence, technology is undeniably important in our lives. 

Technology is described as a comprehensive process based on the application of science and knowledge in numerous facets of daily life in an orderly and considerate manner to achieve the significant and valuable goals for individuals and communities.

The evolution of contemporary technology brought about major changes to our way of life nowadays. Before technology,  man did not know many modern means in his life but relied on simple primitive tools in everything. 

History has shown us how Neanderthals utilized stones to burn wood, cook food, and other things. Spears were crafted from wood and used in conjunction with other ancient techniques to hunt animals. Then, as years passed, these methods improved gradually until the present day, when technology has achieved its highest point. where technology uninvitedly entered people’s homes by knocking on their doors.

D2M Technology
What is D2M Technology

What is D2M Technology?

The technology, which allows mobile phones to receive terrestrial digital TV, is based on the convergence of broadband and broadcast. It would function similarly to how FM radio is heard on mobile phones, where a receiver can pick up radio frequencies. Multimedia content can also be transmitted directly to phones via D2M.

It can be used to directly broadcast content related to citizen-centric information. It can also be used to counter fake news, issue crisis alerts and offer assistance in disaster management, among other things. Apart from this it can be used to broadcast live news, sports etc. on mobile phones. We can almost directly watch everything without the consumption of the Internet.

The Need for such Technology:

The idea behind the technology is that it can likely be used to directly broadcast content related to citizen-focused data and can be further used to counter fake news, provide support in crisis management and send out emergency notifications, among other things. In addition, it can be used to broadcast live sports, news, etc. on mobile phones. Furthermore, no internet bandwidth will be used while the content streams without any buffering at all.

Consumers and Business Impact:

For consumers: They would be able to access multimedia content via Video on Demand (VoD) or Over the Top (OTT) video platforms using this technology, which would allow them to do so at a reasonable cost and without using up all of their mobile data. The technology will also enable people from rural areas, with limited or no internet access, to watch video content.

For Business: The biggest benefit of this can be to the telecom service providers. Who can offload video traffic from their mobile network to a broadcast network with D2M technology.

This will help them save precious mobile spectrum. This will upgrade the usage of smartphones spectrum and reduce the pressure on bandwidth, which will help in reducing call drops.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s Secretary, Apoorva Chandra, claims that direct-to-mobile, or D2M, will help broadcasters by bringing in new audiences. Currently, only 20–21 crore television-equipped households make up the majority of the nation’s broadcasting users. data speed.

D2M technology will dramatically expand the number of broadcasters’ customers, which may reach 100 million in the coming few years, which will be the number of smartphone users in the country by 2026. Chandra thinks that D2M Technology will change the viewing habits of an individual and the news watching in the country will increase manifold.

One of the nations having the highest percentage of internet users worldwide is India. The country has 1.2 billion mobile phones, of which 750 million are smartphones, according to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. More than 80% of internet users in the country access the internet on their mobiles. Video accounts for 82% of internet traffic in India.

In the nation, 10.1 lakh minutes of video are viewed every second, amounting to 60 billion DVD views per month. The amount of data utilised each month is 240.2 exabytes, or around 240.2 billion gigabytes. Live internet video traffic grew fifteen times during 2017-2022. During the Corona outbreak, the consumption of videos related to topics like health, education has increased sharply.

Government Role: D2M Technology

The Dot has set up a committee to study the possibility of a spectrum band for providing broadcast services directly to users’ smartphones. It is planned for the band 526-582 MHz to cooperate with broadcast and mobile services. A committee has been formed by DoT to investigate this band. The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting now uses this frequency for TV transmitters all around the nation.

D2M Technology
Goverment Role in D2M Technology
5G Broadband & Broadcast will bring Revolution:

D2M technology will be built by the convergence of broadband and broadcast. Participating in the ‘D2M Technology and 5G Broadband Convergence Roadmap for India’ conference held recently in Delhi, Apoorva Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, stated that India will meet the convergence of Direct-to-Mobile and 5G Broadband. Broadband and spectrum usage will improve.

What are the Challenges?

Due to the fact that direct-to-mobile D2M technology enables for direct transmission to homes without the use of an intermediary, it will have a vital influence on existing broadcasting platforms such as cable and DTH. And there will be huge changes in the future.

This technology is still at a very early stage, so the biggest challenge to launch D2M technology on a large scale will be to bring together the key stakeholders including mobile operators on board . To implement this technology on a big scale, according to Apoorva Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, new infrastructure and some regulations are required.

Importance of D2M Technology for India:

The chance to bring together broadcast, mobile, broadband, media, and all other connected stakeholders is offered by the D2M & 5G Broadcast conference. We are all aware of the convergence between individual delivery and consumer devices as a result of the digitization of services. The drive to offer broader services is stimulating the broadcast and broadband operators to converge into each other. It is now feasible for broadband services to provide broadcasting services and vice-versa.

From the viewpoint of the people, “The convergence between Direct-to-Mobile and 5G Broadband will uplift the consumption of broadband and utilization of spectrum in India. Almost everybody now is consuming video content through their mobiles, news can be seen on mobile through Apps This convergence between Direct-to-Mobile and 5G Broadband will entail some changes in infrastructure and some regulatory changes.”


No buffering, no net consumption, it unquestionably looks to bring revolution. Are you guys excited about D2M technology? Let us know in the Comments Below.

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