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Google Trend Canada - Personal Finances 2022

Google Trend Canada

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Introduction –

Google Trend Canada – SEO specialists can see and follow popular subjects, talks or other information using graphs and charts thanks to data analysis solutions. 

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Google Trend Canada – Personal Finances 2022

For many canadians, their financial security is their #1 concern this year. Google trends reports an increase in searches for terms linked to financial stability and money management, including savings account, credit cards, travel cards, wealth management, retirement planning, travel, life insurance and health insurance. 

In fact, a recent ipsos poll found that over half 48% of Canadians planned to pay off debt in 2022, with 41% of people making financial-related New Year’s resolutions.

Many Canadians have significant questions regarding mortgages, investing, insurance, everyday banking, taxes, and other financial topics as they attempt to take charge of their personal money. Google Trends reveals the most frequent queries Canadians are having as they get ready for new financial objectives.

As more Canadians get interested in the more intricate financial phenomenon, such as inflation, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, we are also witnessing an increase in their number. The ability to tailor their guidance to the most urgent queries is given to financial institutions as a result. 

The majority of queries for financial advice centre on investing, demonstrating both the huge demand for it and the requirement for the trustworthy training material for investors. Financial advice will continue to play a larger role in Canadians’ lives in 2022 since finance will continue to be a top priority for them, providing financial institutions with the chance to expand their advice material. In order to address the growing trend of Canadians seeking financial advice, advice topics must be timely and specific to current conditions and areas of focus. For instance, relevant topics today are about cryptocurrency, investing, what to do during an inflation, housing affordability, and mortgages.

Google Trend Canada
Google Trend Canada – Personal Finances 2022
Google Black Friday and Cyber Monday Trends for Canada – 

Google has found that Canadian buyers intended to use the internet to do their research before making purchases on black friday and cyber monday this year, which is just around the corner. 

Nearly two-thirds of Christmas buyers said they would look for gift ideas online rather than in stores, according to a google commissioned Ipsos survey, which found that 48% consumers plan to do more online shopping this season. 

In order to find the perfect gifts and other purchases for the holidays, more than a quarter of buyers said they will do some research.

In addition to making donations, Google Canada is increasing visibility for its “Support Hub.” Small businesses and visitors to the Distillery Winter Village are specifically targeted by Google Canada when it comes to its tools and services. We have a tonne of resources at our disposal, including Google search, Maps, etc., all of which are available in the Google My Business Profile and are free for small businesses to use. They are absolutely unknown in many instances.

Google Trend Canada
Google Black Friday and Cyber Monday Trends for Canada
A brief note on Methodology – 

In each country throughout the world over the past few decades, the most searched country is displayed in the above visualisation. 

For instance, the arrow pointing from Canada to the United States indicates that more Canadians searched about the United States than residents of any other nation worldwide between 2004 and 2022.

Furthermore, as the focus of this study was primarily on interest on other nations, data for inquiries made by nations looking for themself were excluded. 

Last but not the least, the size of each country’s circle is proportional to the interest of its search, thus the more counties that point to it the larger the circle and searching for it. 

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