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Google Trends Brazil 

Google Trends Brazil 

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Introduction – 

Google Trends Brazil – One of the pillars of our society is the democratic process, and people all around the world use google to research candidates for public office and their viewpoints on a range of issues. For several elections, including those in the U.S., Germany, the UK., and other countries, we have created products and programmes to assist journalists and voters in participating in democratic processes. 

Most searched on google today in Brazil

In order to introduce search trends to the 1st presidential discussion for the Brazilian elections of 2022, Google teamed together with the broadcaster and TV in Brazil. We have examined google Trends Data on search interest to support this endeavour and help the electorate learn about regional trends for presidential candidates and themes. 

The collaboration is a component of Google’s Google News Initiative, which aims to support the thriving of journalism in the digital era. We’ve collaborated with several teams to bring Google Trends real-time insights to the debate through TV-specific visuals and an online data hub that consumers may access on a second screen.

Google Trends Brazil 
Google Trends Brazil 

Google Trends Brazil – 

The pre-debate dashboard of the wen hub includes information about each contender, popular issues, regional trends. It is one of its standout features. Using google data studio and google trends data, the dashboard was created with an emphasis on mobile screens. 

Our intention with the pre-debate dashboard is to provide journalists access to the data so they may explore it and discover intriguing tendencies for particular candidates and issues over the course of 2022. But we also want to provide background information on how the debate may impact the trends.

In order to achieve these objectives, we created a dashboard that can be accessed using the data studio interface and gives journalists and the general public access to trends about the candidates since the year’s commencement, as well as breakdowns by region and theme. 

Additionally, we introduced a trends hub that offers real time information on the election cycle, including search trends connected to the presidential candidate, political parties, and the most frequently asked questions on campaign related subjects. 

We intend to support journalists and voters in Brazil in participating in the democratic process by  facilitating data access through google data studio and google trends projects. 

The Covid-19 Infodemic In Brazil – Google Trend 

Since the start of the current Coronavirus Pandemic, a lot of material has been exchanged, discussed, and written about online on the illness and the virus. However, a lot of this information is infodemics and can affect the spread of the illness and how communities behave. 

Brazil, then, is a nation that demands attention because, despite the fact that it has had a pandemic for nearly two years and recorded a horrific number of fatalities and cases, it also produces false, twisted, and hostile news about the disease. With the help of social and economic characteristics, infodemic inquiries from the Google Trends search tool, and other information, this effort aims to comprehend the opinions of the Brazilian population.

It is obvious from the research of the infodemic term search trend that in brazil, a country with a diverse culture, the categories of prevention and beliefs should stand out. The covid-19 Treatment category, which includes therapies not endorsed by the authorities, is then listed after that. Information on socioeconomic factors and income transfer policies had little to no influence on infodemic surveys, however it is noted that states with a higher concentration of supporters of president Bolsonaro have done more info demic research. 

Google Trends Brazil 
The Covid-19 Infodemic In Brazil

Conclusion – 

In a nation the Size of Brazil, it is critical that political leaders go to considerable measures to communicate accurate information and keep an eye on the info-demic in the media and online. A disarray in the management of the illness and the implementation of preventative measures, it was determined, was caused by the denial of the pandemic and the impact of the political leaders on the search for infodemic information. 

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