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Akash Ambani

Who is Akash Ambani? 5 Facts About him

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Akash Ambani is Mukesh Ambani’s eldest child, and he  succeeded him as chairman of Jio. Akash Ambani is a non-executive director at Reliance Jio, was appointed as a chairman of the board of directors. Mukesh Ambani resigned from the Reliance Jio board.

Facts about Akash Ambani:

1. Akash Ambani, Age – 31, graduated from Brown University with a major in Economics. He then married Shloka Mehta in the year 2020 and they have a son named Prithvi.

2. For a long time, he has been closely involved with the Reliance group’s digital push. In accord with the company, Akash’s elevation as Chairman of Reliance Jio Info-comm acknowledges the specific contributions formed by him to the digital services journey & “rededicates him to even higher levels of responsibilities, going forward”.

3. Akash Ambani has been closely involved in inventing and launching in India-specs focused Jiophone in 2017, said the company. He in person led the key acquisitions made by Jio in the digital space in the past few years.

4. Akash Ambani is the oldest of Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s three children. He has a twin sister named Isha Ambani, and a younger brother named Anant Ambani.

5. Mukesh Ambani is extensively tipped to hand over charge of the retail business to Isha, who is married to Anand Piramal, the son of Piramal Group’s Ajay and Swati Piramal. Anant Ambani, age – 21, is a director of Reliance Retail Ventures and on Jio Platforms.

Akash Ambani
Akash Ambani

More about Akash Ambani:

Surprisingly as all eyes are on Akash now, he has been part of most important decisions in the company over the years. According to a person who knows about him a lot, for over six years, Akash has worked closely in the sales, marketing and revenue side of the business. ‘’He is not just interested in technology, but also has a good hold over core business matters,’’.

As for the company’s digital push, employees say that Akash spearheaded the ambitious Next smartphone journey from the Jio-Google stable.

He was also a forefront member of the crack team when Reliance was negotiating vital deals to bring in Meta, Google, Intel in company of others as equity partners for Jio Platforms.

Even if it is the acquisition of American tech firm Radisys or say music platform Saavn, artificial intelligence [AI] company Haptic or drone player Asteria, Akash’s presence matters extremely, “a lot of people in the know says”.

His management style is quite like his father’s. “He is very punctual and regular in meetings, polite & inspires a lot of people to work  productively and collaboratively. He works earnestly and can bring the team together,”.

Akash, together with his wife Shloka, might be closely followed in the social media, but this Ambani child is quite media shy. A feature in Vogue some years ago may have been a rare media outing for them. And then there are some exceptions. He’s often seen according to comments during IPL matches when Mumbai Indian is playing or at an auction for new players.

At their Meeting held on 27 june: 

The digital arm of Reliance Industries and Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd, on Tuesday, declared that Ambani would resign as the director of the company effective from 27th June. Among other appointments, Pankaj Mohan Pawar will be in charge as the Managing Director of the company from the starting of 27 June. Raminder Singh Gujral and KV Chowdary were specified or allotted as the independent directors. 

Akash Ambani
Akash Ambani


In 2021, Ambani stated that his kids were taking a lot of  responsibilities as part of the leadership shift. He also said that he sees in his children the same spark and potential of his father Dhirubhai Ambani – The Reliance’s founder – for contributing to the country’s growth. 

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