What is Global Warming 

Global warming is the total long-term temperature of the world's planet.Global warming is the total long-term temperature of the world's planet.

Causes of Global Warming

Burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas in factories is the main cause of climate change.


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This is when CO2 gas along with other polluted gas collects in the atmosphere and absorbs all the solar energy.

When does global warming happen

Rising Temperatures Over the Last 40 Years

There was an increase of 0.32 degrees Fahrenheit per decade in global temperature.

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We should reduce global warming to 1.5 degree Celsius by 2040 to avoid any future disaster.

What we really need to do to recover from this

Effects of Global Warming

Heat waves, droughts and floods are the most frequent and more intense of the effects of climate change.

1. Plant lots of trees. 2. We should drive less. 3. Recycle more.

Things to do in human activities for people

Effects of Global Warming

The drivers of recent temperature rise

1.Greenhouse Gase 2. Changes in the surface of the land 3.Solar and volcanic activities.

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Importance of Global Warming

Global warming causes climate change whose effect is very harmful for life on earth which causes weather disasters.